What Is Adobe GC Invoker Utility & How to Disable It

Have you seen GC Invoker Utility run on your computer at the startup? Do you knowwhat is GC Invoker Utility?  Do you know what it does to Windows? Are you asking if you should let

Have you seen GC Invoker Utility run on your computer at the startup? Do you knowwhat is GC Invoker Utility?  Do you know what it does to Windows? Are you asking if you should let it continue running, delete or disable it? Here, you are reading the much-needed information at the right time to answer all the questions you might have. You will read all you need to know about GC Invoker Utility. Read on, and you will know if Adobe GC Invoker Utility poses any risk to your computer.

GC Invoker Utility is also known as Adobe GC Invoker Utility. It runs at the startup of the computer. Apart from GC Invoker Utility running at the startup, we have other Adobe procedures that run too. They include, Adobe Updater Utility, adobeGCClient.exe and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe GC Invoker Utility appears as AGCInvokerUtilitt.exe. The noticeable ‘.exe’ implies the specific file is a program, and it can be run on the computer as a program. The application is owned by Adobe Systems.

To establish if the program is working, you go the Task Manager, and click on Startup Procedures. The program is saved as a file by default in C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adibe\AdobeGCClient.

Notably, in some instances you won’t find the program on the Task Manager. In this case, you should try to locate it by using other tools.

Is GC Invoker Utility Risky?

There are no known risks of having GC Invoker Utility in your computer. This is true when all other factors are held constant.

But, AGC Invoker Utility sometimes shows as an error. You will learn the best way to deal with this error from this post. Cyber criminals use malware that appear similar to GC Invoker Utility. The malwares bring viruses that affect the normal functionality of the Windows. The programs that are often affected are found in C:\Windows folder. The simple way to notice your computer has this kind of problem is to see AGCIncolkerUtility.exe error.

What Do you Do When you See AGCInvokerUtility.exe Error?

The GC Invoker utility is not a Windows-based program. Unless you face any specific problem you suspect is caused by this program, you can leave it alone. Only under circumstances where AGCInvoker Utility is infected by malware can you disable or delete it.

Normally, to prevent your PC from going wrong, you don’t disable the GC Invoker Utility. Similarly, you should not disable other Adobe related startup processes. However, you can disable the GC Invoker Utility, and have the GC Invoker Utility error resolved for good. In some instances you may be required to entirely remove the program from the system. In this post, you will find ways of either disabling or deleting the GC Invoker utility all together.

How to Disable GC Invoker Utility?

While there is no harm in having the GC Invoker Utility running, you may still insist on having it disabled. Here are simple detailed methods you can use to do so;

Restart your Computer in Safe Mode

Even before attempting other methods, try this first. It’s simple, and may safe you the hassle of trying other methods. You should only go ahead and disable the GC Invoker Utility if this method does not work.

Importantly, there are different ways to restart your computer in safe mode depending on the Windows you are using.

Windows 10

  1. Open start menu.
  2. Click on the power button to view the options.
  3. Press down the SHIFT key on the keyboard as you select restart button on the power options.
  4. After the successful reboot, click on the Troubleshoot icon.
  5. Go to the startup settings.
  6. Select the Advanced option.
  7. Choose Restart option.
  8. Select reboot.
  9. Click on the Enter Safe Mode.

The GC Invoker Utility error you are facing should be resolved.

In case you still experience the problem, proceed to other methods.

Uninstall the AGC Invoker Utility

Uninstall AGC Invoker Utility using the Task Manager. To stop the GC Invoker Utility from running at the startup, you can simply uninstall it.

Follow these steps to uninstall AGCInvokerUtility.exe

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Press down Ctrl+Shift+ESC all at the same time.
  3. Right click Adobe GC Invoker Utility under the process tab.
  4. Choose Disable option.

Uninstall AGC Invoker Utility using Control Panel.

  1. Go to the Start menu, and open settings.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Click on Apps and features.
  4. Select AGC Invoker Utility.
  5. Right click to select Uninstall option on the programs drop down option.

Windows 8

The steps are slightly different if you are using Windows 8.

Here are the simple steps to follow;

  1. On your Windows 8, press Windows and C
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Control Panel.
  4. Choose Uninstall a Program.
  5. Search for AGCInvokerUtility.exe program.
  6. Select uninstall option.

That’s it.

Delete from Registry all the Files Created by AGCInvokerUtility.exe.

The following are the steps;

  1. Open Windows by pressing the Windows +R key.
  2. Search for regedit on the search bar.
  3. Open registry.
  4. Press down CTRL+F keys.
  5. Enter AGCInvokerUtility.exe to open the files.
  6. Delete all the files that are harmful to your device.

Instead of disabling the AGC Invoker utility program manually, you can use Advanced System Care tool. This tool is quite effective, and it allows you to disable the program automatically.

Advanced System Care has a Process Manager which is quite helpful when you want to end specific processes automatically.

How to Download and Use Advanced System Care.

  1. Search Advanced SystemCare online.
  2. Download and install it in your computer.
  3. Open it and find Toolbox tab.
  4. Click Process Manager.
  5. The Process Manager will be installed automatically.
  6. Under Processes, select IObit Process Manager.
  7. Right-click GC Invoker utility. This will finish the process. In case you don’t want to end the process, you can opt for Low priority option.
  8. By selecting the Low priority option, the GC Invoker utility will not show on your PC.

After following this process, the error should be resolved, and your computer should function smoothly.


It’s difficult and tedious to search and locate infected files. Advanced System Care comes in handy as it helps in monitoring the general operations of your computer programs. If you don’t want to encounter an operations’ system failure when you least expect it, then download and install Advanced System Care. The tool will protect you from encountering system errors including AdobeGCInvokerUtility.exe error.

To understand more about Adobe GC Invoker Utility, open it and read more details on its properties section.