Babydow Alternatives | Here Is A List of Games Like Babydow

Babydow was a perfect choice for people who love playing life simulation games. The life simulation game was designed for teens and kids who enjoy a fantasy virtual world. It was exciting and free to

Babydow was a perfect choice for people who love playing life simulation games. The life simulation game was designed for teens and kids who enjoy a fantasy virtual world. It was exciting and free to play. In fact, the users did not need to download anything because they could play it online. The game required you to adopt a baby and take good care of him. Your work included bathing the baby, clothing him, feeding him and doing any other important jobs. So, what happened to babydow? The simple answer is it was discontinued.

The game was a great choice for men and women planning to be parents soon or people who want to start caring for babies. Even though the game assigned players many tasks, which could help them make money as rewards, they enjoyed every part of the gameplay. They could deposit money to unlock additional levels of the game. But because it is not gone, you have to try other games like Babydow. Here are some of Babydow Alternatives.

Baby Daycare

When looking for an exciting baby care simulation or an alternative to Babydow, the Baby Daycare game will come your way. The game, suitable for girls, is available to play on Android devices and any other device through web browsers. It requires you to assume the role of a babysitter and look for babies when their parents are busy. Unlike some other baby gameplays, these one requires you to complete several levels. Your role as a babysitter involves feeding the baby, bathing him and taking good care of him. You will earn as many coins as you want and use them to buy toys for the virtual baby.

My Baby 3

My Baby 3 game is among the most addictive on the internet to Babydow Alternatives. Your role in the game is to choose a baby and care for him/her. My Baby 3 supports single-player mode and you have to become a father or a mother to start caring for your virtual baby. You will have many game levels, each consisting of challenging tasks. Feed the baby, care for him and bathe him when he gets dirty. The other important role is to brush the teeth of the baby to protect the cavity. Remember to feed him with milk.

My Baby Sim

My Baby Sim is another addictive game for people who want to become parents. The game from Rdcg, Inc is available to play on iOS, Android and web browsers. It requires you to become a virtual parent and take care of your virtual baby. It will, therefore, help you enhance your parenting skills and learn more about babies and kids. Bath your virtual newborns and kids but before that, you will have to choose the gender and name for them. The game offers trendy clothes to help you dress up the baby in the best way possible. To start the gameplay, choose the game mode, fast forward mode and the training mode.

Babysiter Madness

Babysitter Madness game offers many exciting activities for the mothers and fathers to be to try. The activities to try include playroom, swimming, arts, crafts and fashion contests. It combines various elements such as baby care, casual and life-simulation. After you have selected the single-player mode, the game will introduce you to the many adorable babies. Assume the role of a babysitter and start feeding, bathing and playing with your virtual baby. Remember to cook delicious food for him and prepare the bed when it is time to sleep.  

My Baby

My Baby game offers both casual and single-player modes. You can play the game on your iOS and Android device or use a web browser. Most of the users love the apps for a superb experience. After installing the app on your device, there will be no need for registration. Just choose your virtual baby and start caring for him/her. You have to bath him, feed him, keep him happy and play with him. You will have to clean the baby when he gets dirty and brush his teeth in the morning.

My Little Baby

This game from Markt Technik Verlag GmhH is among the best to play if you want to take the role of a babysitter. As the player, you will have to assume the role of a mum. Take care of the baby by completing tasks like feeding, bathing and shopping for him. After opening the game, you will need to complete the tutorial level to land on the stunning environments. Change the diapers, cook meals and dress the baby. Markt Technik Verlag GmhH si among the Babydow alternatives worth trying.

By Kim: Care and Dress Up

Did you know that the work of caring for a baby and dressing him up could be fun? That is real when doing it in a simulation environment with By Kim: Care and Dress Up. The game from Coco Play by TabTale is free to play and offers many adorable virtual babies. Assume the role of a babysitter, dress the virtual baby, and feed him properly. To earn points, which you need to purchase decorations for designing the baby, buy clothes, bubble bath and tasty food, you have to complete several objectives.

Baby Boss: Care and Dress Up

Baby Boss: Care and Dress Up is a great alternative to Babydow. It allows you to care and dress up your virtual baby in single-player mode. The game from Coco Play by Tabtale is designed for both Android and iOS device, so you should never worry about the accessibility. You can play it at any time and from any place. Your role as a babysitter is to take care of the naughty baby and keep him happy. Dress him up with fabulous outfit so that he can look the best. Remember to feed him and the right time, take him to the park and prepare delicious baby for him.

Baby Emily Care Day

For people who would want to try something addictive, Baby Emily Care Day game is worth trying. Baby Emily Care Day is a baby caring, casual and single-player simulation from B Web Media and designed for iOS and Android device users. It provides two game modes – Free Mode and Play Mode. Choose your cutie virtual baby from the many and adopt him to start the caring work. Your goal is to care for the baby properly and keep him happy throughout the day. Cook foods, feed the baby and play mini-games with him. After that take him to the park and give him drinks when it is time to sleep. 

Crazy Nursery: Baby Care

The Crazy Nursery: Baby Care combines single-player, role-playing and baby caring simulation from TabTale. It is designed for iOS and Android users and it will put you in charge of a nursery populated by naughty newborn kids. So, you will have to take your time to learn how to love and nurse many kids at once. You will have to shower the infants before the parents take them home. Your primary aim is to make the kids happy.