The Best Android MP3 Players You Never Knew It …

Today many music lovers enjoy and prefer to stream music online. But, there is still a number that prefers to use ordinary media players to play saved song tracks. Actually, streaming is not always the

Today many music lovers enjoy and prefer to stream music online. But, there is still a number that prefers to use ordinary media players to play saved song tracks. Actually, streaming is not always the best option, especially where one does not have an internet connection. Examples of streaming services include Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Android music player tools can be accessed on android music players devices.

If you have a music collection you don’t have to throw them away. Also, there is no need to incur costs buying conventional media player or use the default media player. With your music collection, you can use any of the music android mp3 player.

List of Best Android MP3 Players

We have a list of the bestandroid mp3 players listed in this post. Most of these apps are suitable for playing local music and can be used to stream music too.


One unique feature of MediaMonkey is the sync ability. You can sync your songs via wifi from phone to computer, and back. Additionally, you can sort songs based on things like the song author. Also, the app has features that make it a must-have if you want unforgettable music listening experience. Some of the notable features are; podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

MediaMonkey is a must-have music app both on your phone and desktop. They function best when they are on both devices although the one for desktop is expensive. 

JetAudio HD

This is a great music app and quite popular. It’s a better app than most of the other apps. Once you install it on your android device you can start using it right away. You don’t require prior skills, since it’s easy to use the app.

JetAudio HD app has two versions, but they are almost similar. The only notable difference is that the paid option is free of ads, which gives the users a great experience free of interruptions.

Importantly, the app has a number of plugins that enhance your music listening experience. The music equalizer helps you get the best sound quality.


AIMP is a free music app. The app supports most of the music files; MP3, FLAC, MP4, etc. The app is easy to navigate through using its simple user interface.

The app has a fantastic sound equalizer that enhances music sound quality. It has a desktop version that allows you to use it on your computer too.

Pulsar Music Player

This is a nice music app. It is characterized by features like; sleep timer, tag editing, Chromecast support, android auto-support, etc.

It’s a lightweight app, as compared to some of the premium app options. Many users like it because it’s lightweight, convenient, and offers you the basics for  uninterrupted music experience.


Musicolet has a lot of favorable features than most of the music apps. The app is small in size and can be used for great offline music experience.

The app is available for free. You don’t pay a penny to listen to music on this app. Also, it doesn’t have ads pop-ups since it’s used offline. For music lovers only interested in nice music, this is the app they should go for.

When using this app, you can sort songs, and create multiple queues. On top of these rare features, it has all the features basic with other music apps.

Neutron Player

The neutron Music player is a less popular app as compared to most of the apps. The app is available as a paid version, but you can enjoy a free trial before you commit to paying the premium version.

One notable uniqueness of this app is that it has an audio rendering engine- 33/64-bit. This feature makes music via this app sound great. With this added advantage, it’s true that the app is not as popular as it should be.

The app is a bit expensive, hence it might be the reason it is not quite popular. But, it’s a great app, and it’s worth every cent you spend to buy one.

This app works best on LG-V smartphones.


PlayerPro Music player app is not popular, but it’s a good app worthy of trying out. It is gaining popularity gradually.

The app has a beautiful and easy to use interface. Also, the app allows for customization of the app themes. It provides an option for playing videos as well as band equalizer.

With it, you are able to enjoy extra fun features. For instance, you can change a song track by shaking the phone.

You can try out the free trial version. If you like it you can go ahead and buy one.


Poweramp is one of the favorite apps. Many Android users choose this app over others. The app is fast and efficient. Those that have used the app before always tell of how convenient this app is. It’s easy to use the app, and for extra themes, you can download them from google play store.

The app has various playback options like crossfade. Other notable features you will come across include; tag editing, customization settings, etc.

BlackPlayer EX

This is an easy to use music app. The app uses tabs, where, as a user, you can specify a few to you would like to use. The app allows you to enjoy music all day long without interruptions from ads pop-ups. It supports most music formats.

For the users interested only on the basics, they can use the free version that offers minimum features. If you are interested in enjoying more features then you can go for the paid option. Importantly, the premium version is affordable, so you have no reason to stick to a free version with limited features.


This is the best app especially when you are only interested in an app with basic features. It’s a lightweight app, and simple to use. It’s easy for you to navigate through the app.

It’s an app you should try out for classic music experience. It has these basic music app features; tag editor, screen widget, and playlist features. 

 If you are disappointed by the default music player on your phone, you can try any of the above best android based mp3 players. This list is not exhaustive since you can still get other popular music apps not mentioned here. If you know any music app worth you can mention it in the comment section.