The Best Android Root Software [100% Working] with or without Computer PC

To open your phone to modifications, you must first root it. Rooting an Android device is difficult, although it’s the first step when you want to modify your phone functionality. Fortunately, there are Android rooting

To open your phone to modifications, you must first root it. Rooting an Android device is difficult, although it’s the first step when you want to modify your phone functionality. Fortunately, there are Android rooting softwares that make the process easy and fast. The software allows for a one-click rooting method.

There are many android root tools, but knowing which one is best is an uphill task. In this post, we will make your work easy. We have picked some of the convenient root apps and software you can use.

To root your phone using any of these Android rooting programs, you first need to download the root tool if it’s compatible with your device. Then, you enable the root tool. Once the root software is active, you can easily root your device.

Rooting your device can cause data loss. In order to avoid loss of data, you need to first backup all the important data. There are backup softwares you can check out for. Use the software to backup your data before you root the device.

List of the Best Android Root Softwares

To root android phone with pc software you need a computer. But, there are some that you don’t need a computer.

In this post, we will focus on some of the best rooting softwares. Here is the list;


This is one of the most famous one-click rooting method software. Notably, the app has live chat support which makes it favorable. If you face any issue using the app you chat with the support team and get the necessary support.

To start using the software first find out whether your phone is compatible.


This is a single-click root tool. The software is free to use, and it’s easy to use even when it’s your first time to root a device.

It supports Androids 1.5 and the later Androids up to 4.2. Importantly,  the program can be used to unroot a rooted device.

On the downside, it’s not compatible with Android devices beyond 4.4.


This app is popular since it’s compatible quite a number of devices. Importantly, it can be used on Android Nougat unlike most of the other rooting softwares. This makes KingoRoot rooting app outstanding.


This software is one of the best android root software suitable for Android 4.0+ devices. First check whether your device is compatible with this software on Framaroot forum. If your device is compatible go ahead and use the software.

The Lord of the Rings fans appreciate this app very much since most of the tools on it are named after Lord of the Rings characters.

Root Master

Rooting devices is not a straightforward activity, especially when you are a beginner. Root Master is one of the apps that make the process easy for starters.

The app detects and tells if your device can be rooted or not.

However, it may not be compatible with most of the recent devices since it has not been updated for some time. If your device can be rooted you only click on the big button, and proceed.


This is a software designed in China. It offers a single-click root option. The software supports hundreds of phones. It’s a free rooting tool and never disappoints. It has a high rooting success rate.

The main disadvantage of this program is that it does not offer an unroot option.

Dr.fone- Root

This is easy to use software. It’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It supports more than 7000 phones. It’s free software. All phone with Android 2.1 and above are compatible.

Also, it’s safe to use the tool. Once you complete what you wanted to do on the device you can unroot it using this program too.

Root Genius

This software supports thousands of Android phones. It’s developed in China. The program is easy to use and makes rooting a device a simple task even when you are a beginner.

It’s a free app and supports Android devices ranging between 2.2 to 6.

On the downside, the program does not offer an unroot option. 


This is a must-have software especially when you are starting out in the world of phone rooting. It’s great software and suitable for Samsung devices.

The software allows for the installation of SuperSU. It enables the SuperSU to start functioning immediately after installation. Once the SuperSU starts running, you only need to use root plethora apps. The app is available in the google play store.

SuperSU Pro

This is one of the root Android phone softwares you can use without a computer. It’s a root access app that you use to permit or deny root access. When installing new apps into your Android device, some apps request root access. Once you install SuperSU Pro, it will always remember your choice. It will allow or deny access without notifying you. It’s small in size hence it only requires a small space of your phone. Also, you can hide the app’s icon when you don’t want it to appear.

The app does not contain ads, hence you use it without interruptions. In Case you want to enjoy extra features you have to install the paid version. One of the benefits of the paid version is that you can lock the app using a pin.

 Finally, use the app to unroot your device either completely, or for some time.

Once you root your device successfully using any of the above best rooting softwares, look for security apps. A rooted device is prone to attacks from malicious cybercriminals. Ensure your Android device is secure by the use of any good security apps.