Best Cartoon Yourself App on Iphone, Ipad And Android

Have you ever imagined yourself acting like a cartoon? How would you look like? There are many cartoon face apps that you can use to make such imagination a reality.  In this post, we will

Have you ever imagined yourself acting like a cartoon? How would you look like? There are many cartoon face apps that you can use to make such imagination a reality. 

In this post, we will look at some of th best cartoon apps you can use to make a cartoon picture or video. All you need is an android or iOS device to download and install the cartoon app.

Ten best cartoon face apps

With technological advancement in today’s world, there are many applications one can use to create cartoons from images of real objects. The following is a list of 10  leading  cartoon apps;


BeFunky is a great cartoon app available for android as well as iOS device users. Notably, this app has an unlimited number of cartoon effects that make it a must-have application if you like exploring with different effects and filters.

After creating the cartoon photo, you can use other features in the app to enhance the final product. For instance, you can use the app to rotate, crop, and resize the picture.

The app has the option of choosing and applying cartoon effects from other cartoon apps installed on your device. You can try out the app today.

Prisms Photo Editor

This is a famous cartoon that won an award as the app of the year in 2016. If you are a fan of art, then this app can transform your ordinary photo into an art piece within seconds.

The app has tens of cartoon themes to choose from. New cartoon styles are added every day. The app has a vibrant community chat platform where you can join to learn cartoon ideas.

Prisma is a paid app with two subscription options- monthly and annually options.

MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers

This app has millions of users across the world, making it one of the most used applications. If you like animation and you would like to try out, then this app should be your number one choice. The app allows you to change your favorite photo into a cartoon or a cute sticker.

The users of this app choose cartoon styles based on their cultural background or individual preference. The app has a vast cartoon database which is updated daily.

If you make a unique masterpiece, you can share it with other MomentCam users and stand a chance to win prizes.

Cartoon Face animation creator

This is an animation yourself appthat enables you to transform your selfie into a cartoon. You can use the app to make different facial expressions. You can share the animation with your family and friends to pass different information.

If you want to entertain your friends today using animations, use this app. You don’t have to be an animation expert since the app is easy to use.

Cartoon Sketch

Cartoon Sketch is a popular app that allows its users to apply cartoon filters to their ordinary photos. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app allows you to apply different effects to the photo to create a masterpiece. You can use this app to sketch your real picture. If you would like to share a cute cartoon with your friends, you need to download and start using this app right away.

My Cartoon

This app is available for iOS users only. It’s free and easy to usecartoon app for iPhone. You use it to create a beautiful cartoon from an ordinary photo. 

My Cartoon app allows you to add a caption to your photo, which makes the final product a fantastic piece of art that can be used for passing a message and entertainment at the same time.

Cartoon Photo filters

This app is available for iPhone users as well as android device users. It’s one of the leading cartoon apps today. It’s simple to use and allows you to transform your photo into a cartoon within seconds. You don’t require technical knowhow to start using it. You only need to upload the picture and apply the cartoon effect to it.

It has 30 cartoon options to choose from. If you want to explore various cartoon looks, download the app, and start.

Painnt-art and cartoon filters

Painnt-art and cartoon filters have hundreds of cartoon-style filters. If you admire cartoon work by reknown artists, then you can use this app to make similar artistic masterpieces.

Importantly, this is a free app, and it allows you to create a filter that you can share with other cartoon creators.

For more features, you can subscribe to have a paid app. With the premium app, you can get HD cartoon pictures.

Photo Cartoon Camera

This is one of thecartoon apps for Android devices only. The app contains several significant cartoon effects that Change your photo into a unique piece. It uses a combination of color, movie, and sketch effects to make a beautiful cartoon photo.

If you don’t want to use a photo from your gallery, you can use your camera to take a picture and add the cartoon filters.

Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself is an easy to use app that you can use to change your photo within a short time. It’s one of the best cartoons yourself app. To make a cartoon using this app you only need to follow these three steps;

  • Take a photo or choose one of your best pictures from the photo gallery and add it to the Cartoon Yourself.
  • Choose to apply the cartoon effect. The app has 12 cartoon themes to choose from. You can add your favorite text or sticker to the created cartoon.
  • You can edit the cartoon to attain different shapes and sizes.
  • Once done, you can choose to save or post the cartoon photo on social media.

Importantly, once you install the app, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. The app can be used offline.

You don’t have to share your ordinary photos at all times. You can choose to entertain your social media followers by using any of the above cartoon apps. The app that turns you into a cartoonis essential today since it allows you to make unique cartoons every time, and you can a theme based on how you feel. Download one today and start using it.