Best Free Karaoke Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Life doesn’t have to be boring when there are fun activities you can engage in. Karaoke is one of those activities you engage in to relax. While songs are an important part of entertainment across

Life doesn’t have to be boring when there are fun activities you can engage in. Karaoke is one of those activities you engage in to relax. While songs are an important part of entertainment across all cultures, today free karaoke apps add to the fun anywhere at any time.

Karaoke is a fantastic part of entertainment and fun events. Many people like it while others hate it in almost equal measure. Essentially, those who know karaoke, recognize it as a fun activity in entertainment joints or events. However, it is hard to find karaoke machines making it difficult to enjoy karaoke anytime. This is the reason free karaoke apps come in handy.

List of Best free karaoke apps for android

There are tons of karaoke apps on the Google Play Store. In this post, I will give you a list of some of the best karaoke apps.

Most karaoke apps are free, but there are premium karaoke apps too. Mostly, the apps have advanced or extra features that require you to pay some fees. You can opt for a premium version, especially if you are interested to get advanced features that are not available on free options.

In this post, we will give a list of available free karaoke apps for android devices. Whether to pay for karaoke apps or not to pay it’s upon you to choose.

Midifun Karaoke

Midifun karaoke is a free app with a simple user interface. You don’t pay to use this app. One notable feature of this app is its accuracy in the lyrics. It is one of the best apps with accurate on-screen lyrics. If you are looking for a free karaoke app with great functionality, then the Midifun app is the app that should choose.

Importantly, the app comes with an additional feature which makes it a nice tool for entertainment. It has a guessing game where you test your prowess in knowing your favorite song’s lyrics. This additional feature does not affect the basic functionality of the app.

Kids karaoke app

Karaoke is liked by all age groups and not just kids. Kids karaoke is the app of choice for the young generation. But, the adults still like this app, and they enjoy it too.

Basically, the app contains songs loved by children. The songs are not only for fun, but they help the children in their early development education. They are able to sharpen their reading skills by reading on this app.

The Voice: On Stage app

Do you watch ‘The Voice’ show, a global renown karaoke show? If Yes, then The Voice: On Stage is the app you should be looking for since it’s the official show’s app.

The app can cover everything you can imagine. If you want to have a feel of a star of The Voice show, then don’t hesitate to try out this app. You can sing, record and even share your talent, using this app.

Karaoke Sing & record

This is a nice karaoke app created by Yokee. You don’t require prior skills since it’s easy to use the app. You are able to find a song you like within a short time even when it’s your first time to start using the app.

The app has a share option where you can share your recorded songs with friends. However, you have to specify sing and record option, if you like to save and share the karaoke later. It’s free to use the app but to access extra features you pay membership fees. You subscribe to a monthly plan or its annual plan. Once you pay the subscription fees, you are free to use the app, and without interruptions from ads.

The Sing

This is a karaoke app developed by Smule. It’s a popular karaoke app, and top-rated on Google play store.

The app allows you to sing as you record yourself. You can do a video recording too using this app. Once you have done the recording, you can go ahead and enhance your sound by using the available app’s audio effects. Therefore, even when you don’t sing like a pro, you still have a chance to sing well using this app. The app has a huge collection of Bollywood songs. Although the app is free, to access most of the songs you love, you have to pay membership fees.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Red Karaoke Sing & Record is a popular app owing to the expansive community of users whom you can share your talent with.

It is a great app when it comes to content sharing. If you want to build your singing talent, then you need this app. You will always get feedback from many users who can see your showcased singing talent. In case your work is great, you will enjoy being featured on the list of the top trending singers.

You can project song track lyrics on a larger screen especially where you have a big number of people interested in the songs.

SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

This is an app you should try out especially if you are not pleased with the functionality of other apps. The app is simple to use, but sometimes it fails to work.

One benefit of this app is the ability to convert MP3 songs into karaoke. This app comes in handy when the songs you want are not available in the karaoke library of the app you are using.

With a free karaoke app android installed into your phone, you can have your simple phone become a karaoke machine. Importantly, with any of the above apps installed into your phone, you can enjoy karaoke alone, or along with friends in party events.