The Best OCR Software (Windows/Mac) Available on The Market

OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition. It refers to the process through which  texts (handwritten or typed) are converted into a way a machine can read. Since it’s not possible to edit a

OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition. It refers to the process through which  texts (handwritten or typed) are converted into a way a machine can read. Since it’s not possible to edit a document presented in hard form, it is this method that makes editing possible.  OCR technology is used worldwide. There are various best OCR softwares for both Mac and Windows.

List of the Best OCR Software

In this post, we give you a list of some of the best OCR software. Here are the best OCR software for Mac and Windows;

Microsoft OneNote

This a nice computer OCR software that is used for PDF documents only. The program converts Pdf documents into MS word or any other text format that is editable.

The software is great for the reading of photos since it’s incorporated with the photo reading enhancement tool. Once a document has been converted into a readable form, you can add pictures. You don’t have to edit the whole document since the software can split a PDF document into parts, and only convert the portion you specify. Also, you can merge different PDF documents into one.

Once you edit your document using this program, you can protect it from third parties by putting a password.

Soda PDF

From the name, it is notable this software converts all kinds of hard documents into PDF. It can recognize around 300 file formats. It’s a great OCR software that is used on both Windows and Mac devices.

When you subscribe you enjoy various PDF services for free.

Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR software is an amazing program. The software is used to extract text from images. Despite the complexity of its functionality, the program is quite accurate. It’s capable of handling texts in multiple columns.

This software supports most of the major languages. Among them; Dutch, Italian, French, etc. The software is very fast in its operations. It can scan and convert hard documents into an editable format within no time.

On the downside, this software can only work with printed papers. It cannot recognize handwritten hard copies.


Do you want to scan documents? ReadIRIS is the software you should go for. It’s a very efficient program for scanning documents.

The software is quite accurate. It’s used for around 50 file formats. Apart from the scanning of usual documents, it reads business cards. Lastly, this program is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a popular program. This software is available for both Windows and Mac users. The program supports a few file formats which include; photos, signatures, paper, and PDF. These are common file formats hence it’s a useful program. Importantly, the program allows you to select the preferred document font.

To use this app you need to subscribe annually. It is a nice and easy to use program, and when you start using it, you won’t be disappointed.

Omnipage Windows/Mac

Omnipage is a good OCR software too. It can convert any kind of hard document into MS Word for easy editing. Also, it converts hard documents into PDF which is editable.

People who have used this program before giving positive reviews about it. It is one of the fastest programs to use especially when a document requires urgent editing. It is quite accurate, hence there is no need to worry about the accuracy of the final product.

It is easy to use program. It has some of the best features. For instance; it supports various document types. Also, it can be used on different platforms without affecting its functionality.

On the downside, this program is available for Windows OS devices only. However, given that Windows OS is popular, it’s a great software to use.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is one of the best OCR softwares. It’s developed by ABBYY. The software is available for both Mac and Windows OS. The software can work with a wide range of hard documents; photographs, PDF files, and scans.

This software is useful across the world since it recognizes about 192 languages.

PDF element 6 pro

This program is available for not only Windows and Mac, but for iOS and Android devices too. It supports most of the major languages in the world including and not limited to; Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

Apart from providing OCR services, the program is an amazing PDF editor. Actually, it’s a suitable alternative to adobe acrobat. It supports these file formats; text, ms excel, ms word, etc.


GImage is an easy to use program with a simple UI. However, the program has a complex front end programming which is not easy to use. The program mainly focuses on text and might miss important information contained in the pictures.

To obtain content from a hard document, you need to capture the picture on a screen. Also, you can filter the hard document to transform it. The two ways are quick.

The program is useful since you can use it to only convert a portion of a hard copy document. Choose the specific portion you want to convert. Do this by moving the mouse, and the content will be converted for that specific part.

If you want to convert the whole document, you select auto-detect. Alternatively, you can right-click on the picture you want the content to be converted. Then, you choose ‘perceive to clipboard’. The text will automatically be copied to the clipboard. It’s that simple.

If you are looking for a free OCR program, then it is. The program is available for free online. You don’t have to download the program into your device.

It allows you to convert images into an editable format. The program is accurate and can recognize photographs or scanned papers.

To access the program, you only need to search it online and start using it right away after you sign up. It’s easy and fast.

The only limitation of this program is that you can only convert 25 pages.

You can try out any of the above best OCR softwares, establish the one that suits you.