The Best Speciality Video Apps for Android You Must Try

Although Youtube is undoubtedly the world’s most beloved video app, there is one area where it falls flat. For those of us who have a wide range of interests, the ‘coming next’ list can be

Although Youtube is undoubtedly the world’s most beloved video app, there is one area where it falls flat. For those of us who have a wide range of interests, the ‘coming next’ list can be a big old mess of clashing titles that leaves us struggling to choose which to play next and frankly wondering how some of those videos made it onto there in the first place. Thankfully, several app developers have heard our complaints and created their very own genre specific channels. These are the very best speciality video apps which will allow you to fall properly down the rabbit hole, without unrelated video interruptions.

A new era of television is here and it’s on Android.

Video Apps for Online Gamers

If gaming is one of your main interests, then you’re seriously well catered for when it comes to speciality video apps. Whether its Playstation, Xbox or good old PC, there are a plethora of apps that provide brilliant gaming content. First up is one for the online casino fans. PokerStars offers a channel that’s bound to get poker players excited. It provides non stop action from the tables, including full-length television shows and classic clips, player interviews as well as helpful tips and tricks. The app is available to download from their website or through Google Play. If top quality poker content is what you’re after, then this app is certainly one that you should consider.

The next addition for the gamer’s list puts a slightly different twist on the video app model, as it features huge volumes of live streamed entertainment. Most video apps provide pre recorded content only, but Twitch has seriously upped the ante by offering video-game players the ability to livestream their gameplay straight to viewers via the app. Owned by a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is sleek and stylish with a friendly user interface. If you’d like to get close to the action of some of the greatest gamers in the world, then this is an app you should be sure to download. Either visit their website or download through Google Play.

An App for the Reality TV Fans

For some of us it’s a guilty pleasure, for some of us it’s a way of life and if you don’t fit into either of those two camps, then face it, you’re probably lying to yourself. Reality TV is all around us and there’s usually a show or two that we just can’t seem to get enough of. The team behind Hayu saw the enormity of the reality TV market and decided that they wanted a slice of that pie. With Hayu you can catch up on action that you’ve missed from previous episodes, watch shows live and even get a sneak peek behind the scenes in select shows. This really is one for the true fans, perfect for whiling away a rainy afternoon on the sofa.

For Those Who Like Choice

There are plenty of television and movie apps out there and most of us subscribe to one of them. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu or AT&T, it’s nice to have convenience and choice at our fingertips. There is one thing that unites these options, though: that they’re paid to view. If you want to watch their content then there’s a monthly subscription that you’ll need to pay upfront. One competitor saw this as a major downfall and decided to create an app that was totally free. Sony Crackle has a large enough variety of TV shows and movies, especially considering the total lack of price tag! Of course, there are adverts to support their no fee decision, but if it’s free television that you’re after, it doesn’t get much better than this.

One for the Sports People

If incredible extreme sports footage is your ‘cup of tea’ then Red Bull TV could be the app for you.

Similar to the traditional television apps, there are plenty of options for sports fans who are happy to pay for sports television. One app that’s totally free to download, though, is the Red Bull TV app. This app provides an unbelievable breadth of content, all largely based around the world of sport. Snowboarding and surfing feature heavily and some of the GoPro footage from the professionals is equal parts fascinating and terrifying. Alongside the first person footage is a good range of films and documentaries if you fancy something a little slower paced, including some much-lauded works of film. Red Bull have always been trailblazers and as such, they feature a welcome amount of the more unusual sports. Esports tend to be woefully forgotten in other sports tv apps, so it’s nice to see a whole section dedicated to them here. Definitely one to download.