Cmovieshd website review | Is Safe?

Cmovieshd website allows download of Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood movies free of charge. If you are a movie enthusiast, then you have possibly come across the website when searching for movies on the internet.

Cmovieshd website allows download of Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood movies free of charge. If you are a movie enthusiast, then you have possibly come across the website when searching for movies on the internet. Unlike many other movie websites banned by the authorities, Cmovieshd has managed to stand for many years. However, you have to keep in mind that Cmovieshd websites are not allowed to index on Google. That means getting URL links to the latest movies or popular movies is hard.

Around 90 percent of the men and women who love watching the latest Telugu, Tamil, English Dubbed Movies in Hindi and Malaylam at no charge know about Cmovieshd. Cmovies website is one of the leading providers of most recent movies. The admins notify the users about new releases within 1-2 days.

More about CmoviesHD

Cmovieshd is more popular among the south movies fans. The Indian website allows people to download as many movies as possible free of charge. The demand for Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English movies is always increasing, but the providers are not. Those offering the legit content might charge very high amounts such that the movies appear unaffordable.

Cmovieshd offers many features like Cmovieshd proxy, member place and forum. On the website, you will find many pictures arranged alphabetically but all the movies are retained in the beginning. That might be one of the reasons the site enjoys a large user base.

The download of movies is free of cost. However, you should expect many advertisements that might affect your movie streaming or download experience. The download of images from the website is illegal, so you will need an effective VPN to do that. Authorities are likely to track all your activities on the website and you might land in problems if they realize that you have been downloading the pirated content. Piracy is a crime and has been the main reason sites like Cmovieshd are always going down.

Is Cmovieshd safe from the government?

As we have stated, piracy is unlawful. Therefore, Cmovieshd is not safe from the government and Google. The site admins know that. So, to avoid being tracked by the piracy cell, cyber cell or being blocked by the Telecom Department, Indian regulatory authorities, Website service providers and search engine providers, they change their domain name from time to time. If you typed the phrase “Cmovie hd” in any search engine, you will get many variations such as, and They all refer to the same site.

Most of the sites offer the most recent HD movies. However, you should know that downloading movies from any of them is illegal. In fact, you can get punished for doing that. The government has tried to obstruct the operation of the site, but each time the admins will brand other sites with additional URLs. That means it is hard to prevent the illegal operations of the sites. After a ban, they always come back.

The first Cmovieshd website was launched in the year 2011. The popularity grew rapidly and afterwards the site was made a Public Torrent Site. At that time, it provided Hollywood, Bollywood films and dubbed pictures with English Sound as an addition to the pirated content. Including today, the website is more popular among the South Indian people, who love movies.

Alternatives to Cmoveshd

Cmovieshd is not an entire movie streaming website because it does not host some of the films. The site also offers links to movies and TV shows hosted on other leading websites to provide the users with a great experience. Cmovieshd is an open-source website, so anyone can contribute. If any of the links fail to provide you with the movie or TV show you need, you can always try the following alternatives.

If you want to stream movies and TV shows without any interruptions from popup adverts. The site offers a wide collection of TV shows and movies. To access any of them, you do not need to register. For a long time, the website has been a favourite of people who love watching romance, drama, comedy, and action and sci-fi movies.


Netflix is among the leading movie and TV show streaming website. The users can stream the content through their smart TV, game console, PC, Mac Pc, and mobile devices. After paying the monthly fee, users get three logins. That means they can share their subscription with two other individuals. You will find some people referring to the site as the “King of Streaming” for various reasons. If you hate visiting the movie rental places, consider capitalizing on Netflix for online streaming. 


YouTube will never miss in the list of the most popular streaming channel. The video channel allows streaming of Bollywood and Hollywood movies free of cost. You can also buy your favourite movies and watch them at any time. YouTube does not limit users on the content. They offer various types of videos ranging from music videos, documentaries, TV shows and cartoons.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers the most popular movies and TV shows, but you will also get something new each day. Unlike Cmovieshd, Amazon Prime does not provide pirated content. You can watch workout and exercise videos in addition to movies and kids TV shows, documentaries and sports shows. The video platform requires users to buy a monthly subscription.


DailyMotion is the right place for Bollywood movies lovers. However, they also provide Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and other regional movies. When streaming movies on the site, you should expect disruptions because the site is full of popup ads. Other than that, you will get most of the videos you want free of charge.

Legal ways to watch movies and TV shows online

People have been using pirated websites to watch the latest movies and TV shows as a way of saving their money. That means they are engaging in illegal activities. The internet offers many websites that provide videos legally. They will display the newest releases, movies and web series. If you do not want to risk infecting your computer with viruses, legal websites are worth trying. Websites like Cmovieshd are also likely to steal your confidential data.