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If you would want to play the old games you missed as a kid, or you are an enthusiast of the new generation games, having a good source of them is important. Sites like Coolroms

If you would want to play the old games you missed as a kid, or you are an enthusiast of the new generation games, having a good source of them is important. Sites like Coolroms offer a wide range of old school games for users to try. Unlike the high graphic games, old games are gems and anyone can play them. All you need to start playing them is an emulator. provides emulators for the old school and new games. 

The purpose of emulators is to make a device function like another one. So, after installing a PSP emulator in your device, you will manage to play all PSP games without using a PSP device.  You can download the PSP emulator on your computer device and create a PSP environment. Coolrom allows you to download ps2 files and run them on your computer. However, if you miss what you needed on the site, you can always try the available Cool Roms options.

Here are a few sites like coolroms.

The Old Computer

The Old Computer website is entirely old computer oriented. It is among the brilliant options for coolrom and a suitable choice for people who need old gaming content. Currently, the site hosts over 480,000 NES roms, a number that is among the highest you will ever get. After opening the website, you just need to search for your desired emulator and click on download. That should tell you that you will find most of the emulators you require. Whether you need Sega roms or PC roms, you will get exactly that. Visit the site today and try thousands of games free of charge. 


DopeROMS is another great Coolroms alternative. The website provides a very wide range of retro games in addition to emulators. You should not panic for missing a version of retro graphics games. DopeROMS allows you to complete your childhood dreams by playing on the emulators you download free of charge. Every emulator and game available on the site is 100 percent authentic and free from malware. You can download emulators from Saga, Mame, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy, NES, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Ds. The list is endless.


As its name indicates, ROMNation provides hundreds of emulators and games for the users to try. Each time you miss the old gaming experience you enjoyed as a kid, you can visit the site and download emulators and retro games. The coolroms alternative provides everything you need in one place. Search for the game or emulator you need in the search box and the results will appear on the screen. Choose what you need and click on download. You will have hundreds of emulators and games to try each day.


The large database of emulators and games on Romulation offers you something new to try each day of the week. The website is known for providing old school gaming content. One of the things that differentiate it from those of similar class is the trust of downloads. Unlike other sites, Romulation will provide you with exactly what they have mentioned. The huge category list also provides many unique suggestions for the users. Download games from your desired genre. 


Download emulators on RomsEmulator along with roms and Bios to run on various consoles. On the homepage, the site lists hundreds of games, which you can download at no cost. They are free of malware but before downloading, remember to read the provided information. RomsEmulator has left everything behind with the GUI and easier to navigate interface. It is always good you start by learning everything about the site to know what works. is among the oldest businesses offering games and it is among the best Coolroms alternatives. It has existed for over 30 years, which means that their list of games and emulators has grown exponentially. After opening the website, you will find thousands of emulators and ROMs in the classic category. Currently, team is working to develop Virtual Reality (VR) set in addition to virtual reality devices for Microsoft.


If you are familiar with Nintendo you possibly love the content it provides. The gaming business has been around for many years and they, therefore, provide most of all-time best games. You can download ROMs and Emulators for classic games and play them from the comfort of your home. The great user-interface and wide range of content make it a good alternative to dope roms.


One of the things you will love about the Emulroms site is the easier to use interface, which facilitates smooth navigation. Download IOSS, emulators and ROMs from the huge database at no cost. Alternatively, you can play all your favourite games online without any charges. The site has been a popular choice for people who love playing old classic games. Try it as one of the best Coolroms alternatives.

Roms Mania

Roms Mania offers you a chance to play retro games on their website free of charge. The offered emulators and ROMs can run on Android, Windows and iOS devices. When speaking of ROMs, we are referring to the games that are already available in the market. To play any retro game on your device you will require an emulator and ROMs. That is why Roms Mania provides you with the two important items. To download them, use the main navigation to find them and click on download. It is that simple.

The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot is very different from other gaming websites. It has been a classic resource for people who need ROMs to start playing retro games free of charge. The website has a simple and unique design, which allows smooth navigation. Unlike most other dope roms websites, Rom Depot has no annoying advertisements, fake downloads or unbeneficial slots. Open the homepage and search for the ROMS you would want to download. Moreover, the website will display an option for manuals and archive so you just need to select any of them and get your desired Rom. 


The above are some of the best Coolrom alternatives on the internet today. You can rely on them for the best games or emulators that you would want to try. You will find lists of old school games and the classics. You can download or play them online.