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Did you know that you can gain tons of advantages if you convert your files into PDF?. There are also websites available for you to convert your files into PDF format easily. There are only

Did you know that you can gain tons of advantages if you convert your files into PDF?. There are also websites available for you to convert your files into PDF format easily. There are only a few disadvantages that you will face with PDF. But overall, PDF files are a great way of sharing and presentations.

There are many websites available online and free to convert your files into PDF—for instance, PDFBear. PDFBear is a free of use website accessible for everyone in terms of transforming your files into PDF.

Advantages you get when you convert your files into PDF.

PDFs are helpful files for the professional world. Whether you are sharing essential or classified files or sending a bill for your clients or sharing school works, or even sending your resume. Converting your files into one is a must. For instance, a  free Excel to PDF converter is available online.

There can be many advantages you gain in using PDF. The top edge is that your PDF files remain what the document format was in the original file. This kind of problem is expected when you share your files via excel, word, etc. The original excel file format might change when you share your files with others or open them on another computer.

The PDF itself is an independent file, which means you can easily access the shared files into your devices without any applications that are hard to understand. Sharing PDF files is more comfortable, and it is also safer.

When you use PDF files, they are more compact, unlike excel; they are much more significant. When you use a PDF file, your files are compressed from a high-quality to small size. That is more advantageous for people who like to save their storage.

If, in any instance, you are afraid that anyone can read your files. PDFs can be password protected, unlike the excel file itself. There are websites like PDFBear that lets you use their tools to secure your PDFs with passwords. To ensure your files from being attacked by hackers.

You can gain many more advantages from converting your files into PDF and using it for presentation and sharing instead of the excel files, word, etc. Try PDFs once, and you might like the results afterward.

What website should you use when you need tools for your PDFs?

There might be available online websites for free, but there is one reliable website: PDFBear. PDFBear is a website that offers tools for your PDFs, for instance, repairing them, converting excel files into PDF, and more.

PDFBear offers its services for free to anybody. They won’t force the users who avail their tools to convert into PRO. Instead, they help users in terms of their PDF needs. They don’t want anybody to face a hard time at work or school.

When you want to be a PRO member, they have many choices for you to pay for their membership, either paying through bank transfer or credit card and more. They will also send emails to the users who availed PRO for their invoice to secure you more they will only share that information needed to proceed with the transaction.

PDFBear ensures every user’s security who wishes to use their tools, either a PRO member or a free member. They will never share any pieces of information included in your file, and they will delete your files one hour after you finish using the desired tools you need.

You can check out more reasons in PDFBear to understand more about their terms and services and why you should choose them aside from other websites that are also available for free online.

How can you convert your excel into PDF with PDFBear?

Suppose you thought that converting your excel files into PDF can be challenging. You guessed wrong excel to PDF files are very easy to convert with the tools available online provided by websites like PDFBear.

Before proceeding into the steps, you will follow to convert your excel into PDF. You will need to provide yourself a device that can connect to your internet connection and has a browser.

After opening the browser, the first step you need to do is search for PDFBear; when you have reached their website, it is now easy for you to find the excel to PDF tool under the convert to PDF. 

In the excel to PDF tool, you only need to upload the excel file you desire to convert into the website, or you can easily drag and drop it in the box provided on the website. When you have finished uploading the excel file, you can click the convert button and wait for just a few seconds for it to end.

When your file is now converted into a PDF file, you can now download it into your devices quickly or share it with your receivers online via email or social media. The last choice available for you is to save it into your cloud or google drive. That is how easy to convert your excel into PDF.


Finding a free excel to PDF converting tool online is easy. But finding the right website online for you to convert your files is problematic. For this reason, PDFBear provides reasons why they are reliable websites that are free of charge.