Best Eye Coloring Apps for Android 2019

You don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to enjoy playing around with pictures. There are many apps today that are easy to use, even when you don’t have training in photo editing. In this

You don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to enjoy playing around with pictures. There are many apps today that are easy to use, even when you don’t have training in photo editing. In this post, I will give you a list of popular eye color appsyou can use in changing your eye color.

Eye color is important as it determines which eye lenses will suit you. Also, you can change the eye color to see how you would look like if you were an alien.

Seven of the Best Eye Color Apps

 The following are some of the eye color changing apps you can use;

Photo Wonder

This is a must-have app if you use Instagram often. The app is used in editing photos into flawless pictures people will always admire. No human face is perfect, but this tool helps you achieve unimaginable perfectness. If you a such a person who likes precision, then get this app, and you won’t regret it.

Apart from the overall photo editing, the app is suitable for eye color change. You can edit your eyes to sparkle conveniently using this app. 

Eye Color Studio

To use this app, you must first sign up. This app has over 150 eye color shades to choose from. The best eye coloring appthatallows the users to not only change the eye color but the shape too. It has different eye effects that include; reptile eyes, cat eyes, etc. Interestingly, the app can locate the position of the eyes on a photo. But, you must adjust the size of the eyeballs first before you apply the effect.

Also, you can use the app to create different eye effects that you can save and use in the future. To apply the eye color change effect, choose different colors for each eye. However, the app contains adverts that might disrupt you. Otherwise, it is a great app to start using.  Try it out today with different shapes and colors.

Eye Color Changer Makeup

This is one of the most recent eye Color change apps for users with iOS devices.  It has more than a hundred of eye color change themes. Most of the effects are simple yet fascinating.

Thischange eye color app is most advanced as it has facial recognition ability. Also, the app has a calibration feature that enables you to achieve precise effects on the eyes.

Despite its uniqueness, the app is bulk. It’s more than 100MB, which is huge for such an application. Also, the app contains ads that interrupt you when using it. But, if you don’t like the adverts, you can purchase the premium app at a small fee.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Abode Photoshop Fix app  is one of the leading change your eye color app.

Generally, adobe makes one of the best editing apps. Apart from eye color change, you can use the app for general photo editing purposes. For instance; you can use it to darken or lighten different points in the photo and remove facial imperfection from the picture.

Changing the eye color using this app is an easy task, yet you must be keen in detailing. A wrong choice of the brush can ruin your whole photo. Therefore, choose the right brush, and use the paint tool to achieve the preferred color. Once done, it’s difficult for people to tell if you used a program to edit, or that’s the natural eye color.

Eye color changer-camera

This is a colored eye app available for users with Android devices. It’s used as a photo editor tool and can change eye color automatically as you take the photo. Those who have used the automatic camera color changer feature know that it’s challenging to edit the photo after. Therefore, it is advisable you take the picture first, then edit it.

This app is easy to use. On the downside, the app comes with a lot of adverts which disrupt the editing process. To get the app free of adverts, you have to subscribe to a paid app. Also, the app is only suitable if you would like to achieve an artificial look.


This app has a lot of tools for eye editing; hence, it fits well in the color change tool category. Generally, the app is designed for makeup. There is a lot of things you can do using this app; apply eye-shadows and lipsticks, use eyeliners, and brushes to achieve a perfect facial look.

The app allows you to edit the eye color and the shape too. This is an advantage since you use these features independently.

However, the app has two disadvantages; you may not get precise sizes since the app does not have a calibration tool. Like many other apps, this app has adverts too which is annoying.

However, this is a great tool to download if you want to play around with different eye colors and shapes.


If you are looking for a perfect selfie, then Facetune is the app you should use. This app enables you to remove all blemishes and leave a perfecting looking photo.

Facetune app allows editing of the eyes. You can do three things to your eyes using this app;

  • Change the eye color.
  • Put emphasizes on the gazing direction
  • Change the red and white eye appearance.

The app offers users the primary eye effects with limited eye color choices.  However, this is still a great app to use when you want to enhance the natural look.

Facetune is easy to use app, with only the basic eye effect essentials. You use the brush to paint; hence, you should be keen with your finger movements.

So, Whats Next of Eye Coloring App

Download any of the above eye color apps, and start trying out different eye effects. You can share the different looks on social media. With these apps, you don’t have to stick to boring natural looks. Apply exotic effects anytime, and have fun.

The information on this post is helpful, especially for people who like playing around with photos.  Share this post for others to benefit too.