How To Watching Movies For Free On IPhone

One of the things that most iOS users will tell you is that a large percentage of the offered apps are not free to use. Nearly every available streaming platform will charge you $6-$15 each

One of the things that most iOS users will tell you is that a large percentage of the offered apps are not free to use. Nearly every available streaming platform will charge you $6-$15 each month to access their films and television shows. Even though paying for two or three streaming platforms might sound affordable for some people, you are unlikely to find all the content you need on the platforms you opt for. To get all the content you need, you will find yourself paying over $100 per month. Fortunately, the internet offers options to help people stream free movies on their iPhone device. Here are a few of them.


You do not have to buy movie DVDs or go to the movie theatres anymore. Movie theatres and DVDs are more inconvenient considering that you will spend much of your time outside your home, pay for transport and then pay for the movies. Popcornflix allows free streaming of movies at any time through your iPhone device. It allows you to watch unlimited movies free of charge, without making an account. Moreover, you will have a chance of creating a list of your favourite movies and watch them later in HD quality. Users of this app benefit from daily upload and can share their lists on Twitter and Facebook. 


It is now the time to change your iPhone device into a new portable movie theatre and stream as many movies as possible from any place. Crackle will help you do that easily. The app is available for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. After you have installed it in your device, you will manage to stream your favourite, Hollywood movies, TV shows and Crackle originals. The content genres range from family, romance, action, Sci-Fi and documentaries. On the homepage, you will find the What’s On Now feature that suggests the top movies for that day. Download the app, stream free movies on iPhone and pause to continue later.


The internet offers a large number of movie streaming apps for iPhone devices. SnagFilms is one of the best apps that will help you stream full-length TV shows and movies through your iPhone or iOS device. The app provides many genres such as romance, Kids, action, family and horror. You will have access to over 5000 movies, TV shows and documentaries. Moreover, the app for iPhone supports Asian, Korean, Spanish and African languages. You will have many free movies on your palm throughout the day.


This is another of the free movie apps for the iPhone. It is designed for anime lovers who use iOS devices. After installing this application on your device, you will manage to select the best videos from the direct feed of anime shows. The content variety is fast-growing, which means that you will get something new almost every day of the week. The content is free to access. Unfortunately, the videos keep buffering and the quality is not the best. You can make your watch list for the videos you love. Viewster offers faster access to licensed content. 


For people who love watching the latest movies, either through their computer, tablet or smartphone, Showbox is a perfect choice. The app is available for Android devices, Kodi, iOS and PS4. You can download free movies from your favourite genres or make a watch list. The movies are available in HD quality and you can save them for later watching. Showbox is a great choice for people who are always on the go and those looking for a perfect iPhone movie stream sites.

Tubi TV

Most of the movies and shows not available on Netflix are available on Tubi TV. For a long time, Tubi TV has stood as the best movie-streaming app for iOS devices and it still fits the description. After installing the app on your device, you will discover a wide range of new international hits and hidden gems with unique options and genres. Imagine watching thousands of movies at no cost, creating and managing the selections of your favourite movies. The app allows you to save movies for later watching and synching your account with various online devices like Roku and Apple TV. Use it to stream free movies on iPhone.  

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another streaming movies iPhone application available for almost every device. You will manage to stream movies through your Smart TV, mobile device, streaming players, gaming consoles and the regular website bowsers. The user interface is easier to work with and the streaming of videos is smooth. To start watching your favourite movies, you do not need to create an account. All you need to do is buy a good iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod Touch or any other device you love. The site allows you to watch free movies online on iPhone.  


Popcornflix offers movies that are not available on other websites. In fact, most of the videos you find on the family sections are the forgotten and old cartoon movies. To access them, you do not have to register or pay any fees. The playback is smooth and there are no commercial ads to disrupt your streaming. And even though the library is not rich, you will have something to watch each day. Popcornflix provides movies that were available in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. That means that most of them are the forgotten and misbegotten western and horror titles. It is ideal for people who want to watch the uncommon content. With the app, watching movies for free on the iPhone is now possible.


Unlike most other apps for iPhone devices, YouTube offers content ranging from music videos and cartoon to documentaries and TV shows. You will find a video in almost every genre. However, it is hard to find full-length movies and most of the full-length movies are altered such that they will not serve your need. The only options are the movies that have entered the public domain or those from independent creators. You will not find what is available in theatres but you will have something to watch free of charge.


Pirated content might not be available with iOS devices, but some apps that use Safari allows you to circumvent the available piracy protections Apple has put in place. CotoMovies is one of the apps, which function more like TeaTV or Showbox effectively. It allows users to stream pirated content free of charge on their iOS devices. However, you will be doing it at your own risk. ISPs can track your online activities and you might find yourself in trouble if they detect your streaming or downloading content that you have not paid for.