How To Get A Free Us Phone Number Easily, Here Is The Details

The number of entrepreneurs, individuals, small businesses, medium size businesses and large businesses who need USA phone numbers has been increasing rapidly. That is because some people get impressed and want to work with businesses

The number of entrepreneurs, individuals, small businesses, medium size businesses and large businesses who need USA phone numbers has been increasing rapidly. That is because some people get impressed and want to work with businesses using USA phone numbers for various reasons. Fortunately, getting a free US phone number for incoming calls is very easy regardless of where you are. Here are the methods you should use to get one today.

How to get a USA phone number

To get a United States phone number from any place:

  • Short-list services that provide USA phone numbers
  • Check the FAQs page of each of them and know how every service works
  • Signup for the service the best service
  • I hope that they will allow you to use the phone number free of charge for some time, or the free trial period. Use the period to know whether the service is the best before you pay any amount.
  • Choose the plan that matches your needs by assessing the pricing and the key features.
  • Pay the charges
  • Use the number to grow your business

To help you get a free US phone number for verifications easily, we have come up with two of the services providing numbers. In fact, you can use the USA phone number to shop online, to use on Solarmovie or to reach more customers. Remember that the following services are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and they require you to have outside set-up/hardware and that might be tricky to get. Here are the services that provide international phone numbers.


The process of generating a USA phone number is complicated but you will complete successfully if you follow the right steps. Before you get the phone number using Pinger, you will require a local USA phone number for the verification stage. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Using your web browser, open If you are a new customer, you will have to complete the signup stage.

Step 2: Fill all the needed fields and click on the continue button

Step 3: Verify the email and address or get a new United States address from a service provider. Click on the I Agree button.

Step 4: Click on the Go to My CallCentric and you will get a number in the 1777***** format under the username.

Step 5: Go to and provide the needed information

  • Choose the type of account: SIP
  • Select the Area Code for the IPKall Number (253)
  • SIP username: put the CallCentric number that you received in 1777***** format.
  • IP address or host name:
  • Use your previous email address and the password that you entered on Click on submit.

Step 6: Now, open your email account and look for an email from The email message will provide you with more details and the USA phone number. You have to register the number to start using it.

Step 7: Download Express Talk

Step 8: When installing the express talk, choose the default option for every screen. At the “SIP Setup” option and select “Yes, I already have a SIP account”. Enter the needed details exactly how you entered them in step 5 and complete the log in stage.

Step 9: If your login is successful, the USA phone number will be registered automatically. You will see the number under the homepage. It will tell you that your new phone number is registered.

Google Voice Number

Some time back, Google Voice was only an invitation only service. Today, things have changed but you have to be in the US – your computer should have a United States IP Address – and you will need a local United States Phone number to activate the Google Voice number. So, how should you get it when outside the United States? The internet offers many simple methods that you can use to activate the Google Voice from any part of the world. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Get a registered USA phone number. The process will take less than five minutes.

Step 2: Download the Hotspot Shield and Install it on your personal computer – remember to decline its optional toolbar. The shield is important because you cannot sign into the Google Voice using a non-USA IP address. Hotspot Shield is likely to insert several audio ads that are annoying but it does not require any configurations and you can disable it with a single click.

Step 3: Start the Hotspot Shield if it does not run automatically after installation and visit IP2Location to check whether the tool has registered your location in the United States. If it has registered your real location, disconnect the session and reconnect to get the new IP address.

Step 4: Now, start the Express Talk software – you might have downloaded previously to activate the local USA phone number.

Step 5: Using your web browser, go to and use your Google account to sign in. If you receive any message saying that the service is not available in your country, you should clear the browser cookies and restart the process. If this step is successful, you will be able to pick the best phone number. You can use the USA area code and a word of your choice to receive a memorable number or just take one from the offered choices.

Enter the need four-digit pin, accept the Terms and Conditions and continue. The screen that pops up will require you to enter the United States phone number that will ring each time an individual dials the Google Voice Number. Now, click on the Call Me Now button for Google Voice to call the local number. That rings the Express Talk system. Use the dial pad to enter the needed confirmation code. After the verification, your Google Voice number will be ready for use. You can download the app for Google Voice App on your Android or iPhone device or use the if your mobile device is unsupported.

Get a US phone number

I hope that the two methods will help you get a USA-based phone number from any part of the world for personal or business use. The methods are easy to follow but they will require you to have a registered local phone number.