List of Illegal Android App which are banned in in Play Store …

Apps are important and are a must-have today. They are convenient to use and suitable especially for entertainment. However, there are many illegal android apps used to carry out malicious activities. Such apps are illegal.

Apps are important and are a must-have today. They are convenient to use and suitable especially for entertainment. However, there are many illegal android apps used to carry out malicious activities. Such apps are illegal. To avoid falling a victim of such apps, you should be careful of the apps you download and install into your device. By installing an illegal app, you risk sharing your personal data with third parties or being stalked. To avoid falling a victim ensure your android phone has a good antivirus. Also, avoid clicking on and installing apps from inauthentic sources.

There are hundreds of apps that not only meet the user needs but comply with all the legal requirements. All good apps must meet specific guidelines as stipulated by google play. Unfortunately, there are many illegal android apps, that do not meet the guidelines, yet they find their way in the google, and are available for download. There are developers who are not keen to comply with google play store policies.

Most of the banned android apps initially were good, and that’s why they get their way into google play store. Google play store demands all apps to comply with strict approval requirements. Once the apps get approved successfully, and there are claims and complaints from users that they are harmful,  they become illegal. Also, some of the illegal apps are banned completely from google play store. Importantly, these illegal apps can still be available for download and installation. But, the google app store does not take responsibility for the risk associated with the usage of such apps.

List of Illegal Android App: You Should Be Aware of…

The following is a list of banned android apps (as well as illegal android apps downloads) which you can access and use at your own risk.

Girls Around Me

According to the API Google policy, it is illegal to stalk other people. Girls Around Me does that. It allows one to stalk a person of interest using the geo-location feature.

The users can easily stalk other people through their posts on Facebook or check-ins. The app has been banned.


CreeHack app allows you to access for free the in-app purchases. This is an illegal practice hence the reason why the app is considered illegal.

You only need to install and activate the app on your gadget. You can access all kinds of paid apps for free.

Aptoide app

Aptoide offers a database for apps. It operates illegally and Google play store does not take responsibility for risks associated with using this app.

One should only trust apps on google play store. Apps from other sources are mostly a threat to user’s gadget or personal information.

AndroDumperr app

This app enables users to hack WiFi passwords. All you need is to install the app in your android device and be near a wifi router.

Hacking passwords is unethical thus the app is illegal.


ShowBox is a movie app where users stream their favorite movies and TV shows. The app allows you to access hundreds of movies for free.

The users risk using this app since it provides content direct from third parties. There is a possibility for the content to contain malicious software bounded within them. Also, the app provides this movie content illegally.

By installing this app in your device, you may risk being spied on.

Secret SMS Replicator

This is a spyware app that can compromise your privacy. You need to install the app onto the device of your target. The app can run unnoticed. With the app being active in your target phone, a copy of all the SMSes will be forwarded to your phone.

This app can give a stalker a field day, as he can spy on all your SMS communications. The app is illegal since it’s against the google play store policies.

Terrarium TV

This app is similar to Netflix. It allows you to access movies and favorite TV shows. If you don’t have time to watch a video at the time, you can easily download and save it to watch later.

It’s a great app for entertainment but not available on google play store & regarded as banned android apps.

Lucky Patcher

This app is used to modify apps for selfish gains. The users can make premium features on free apps. The app is available for free. The modified apps using this app will require one to pay in order to use them.

Lucky patcher is quite popular since it’s easy to use the app. However, the whole idea of modifying apps is illegal. This is theft, hence making the app banned.

Sarahah Messaging App

Sarahah app was developed and launched in 2016. The app allowed users to send a message without revealing their identity. It became so popular, that it topped in the list of the most popular apps back then.

Within two years, the app went down. The anonymity feature was now being used by bullies. The developers tried to work on the app to improve the user experience but all was in vain. They introduced a filter that could block users and profane messages, and it did not help. The bullies still continued to harass their subjects using the app.

Today, the app is not on the list of google play store apps.

Google play store banned the app after receiving complaints from users. One parent petitioned about their child being bullied. Also, there were reports from users that spies were using the app to steal personal information from the user gadgets.

The developers have withdrawn their support for the app hence it’s no longer functional.

Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes

This app allows the users amass likes and more followers easily. With many followers, you can make money on Instagram. This is one-reason people like Instagram. Ordinarily, people use the Instagram app to share pictures of their best moments and display their best photography work. However, some use the app as a tool to make money.

Use of Royal Like-Unlimited Instagram Likes is illegal. To benefit from the app, you have to log into Instagram which is quite risky.

In an event you are interested to install and start using any of the above illegal app downloads, you should be aware of the risks. We do not encourage our readers to go ahead and use these apps. The information here is intended for raising awareness.

One of the common risks with this app is the ability to steal user information and share it with third parties for selfish gains.

Since we don’t encourage users to access and download these banned android apps, we will not provide information on where to get the apps. If you look for the apps, it will be at your own risk, and we will not take responsibility for any harm.