Is Project Free TV Legal Or Safe To Watch?

The internet has plenty of online sites that stream movies, series and TV shows. Some stand out offering the best features and exceptional viewing experience for their movie fans. On the other hand, some of

The internet has plenty of online sites that stream movies, series and TV shows. Some stand out offering the best features and exceptional viewing experience for their movie fans. On the other hand, some of these sites fall short. It’s either there don’t have the content you are looking for, or the place has a lot of ads.

You can’t even sit back, relax and enjoy your movie without any interruptions. Don’t worry; you don’t have to experience that anymore.  Several fantastic sites offer great features that enhance your viewing experience. Projects free tv fits right into that category.

Important things to know about PFTV

Project free tv is commonly abbreviated as PFTV. It is the oldest, most popular free video online streaming site. You can either stream online or download your series, TV shows and movies. This site is not like any ordinary video streaming site. It is unique in its own right.

PFTV isn’t a video hosting site; instead, it is a video search engine. That means it does not host any content on its site. Instead, it provides links to websites that host the particular content you are looking for.

The fact that it relies on multiple sources for content means you will be spoiled for is a 100% guarantee that you will find your movie or series. To get the best viewing experience, please use an ad-blocker because this website is ad-supported.

However, for some unknown reasons, the website was blocked. But project free tv unblocked and reappeared with a new domain name that is plan free tv real-time. Ever since then, several mirrored websites have also been created like and This, therefore, begs the question of how safe and legal this website is.

Is Project Free TV legal or Is Project Free TV safe?

It is legal to use this site. Project free tv doesn’t host any of the content on its servers. It uses third party providers. It merely provides links and redirects you to a site that has the content you are looking for. Even though it links you up with pirated content, technical it’s legal.

The fact that it doesn’t acknowledge copyright infringement rights makes this site unsafe. Copy right authorities are always monitoring it. In some countries with strict copyright policies, it is considered illegal, and some states have even banned this website. Moreover, some of the links are not safe and secure. There either contain viruses and malware that can damage your device.

NB* when using this website please use VPN’S to protect yourself and keeps your online activity private. To protect your device, you can use anti-virus

Five sites like project free tv

There are several websites like project free tv that you can consider. We can’t have you missing out on your favourite movie or series just because plan free TV has shut down or has been banned in your country when there are way better websites that you could use instead. Here is a list of great alternatives you can try out.

1)  Tubi TV

It is an American streaming websites like project free tv. It’s the best alternative to project free TV. It has a huge collection just for you to watch. With way over 5000 movies from huge movies companies like Lionsgate, MGM and Starz, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

It is available online, or you can simply download the app. If you use an Android or iOS mobile device, you can simply download the app from Appstore or PlayStore. Moreover, it is also readily available on PlayStation and XBOX. However, to use this site, you have to log in first. Plus, it also doesn’t have access to some of the latest movies that you might be looking for.

2)  YouTube

The best website and a great alternative. It is a popular trending website. With a wide selection of series, movies and TV shows. It has something for every movie lover. There is a high chance of you finding your film or series, as anyone can upload onto the site. It also offers excellent features and options that ensure that enjoy your movie binging. You get to enjoy your video on any device, anywhere and at any time as it provides mobile applications for iOS and Android users.

3)  123Movies

123Movies is the most popular online streaming sites like project free tv. It is considered to be the hub of all entertainment. The “to go to” website for all your movie binging. It has way over 30 genres. The collection is the best there is. Moreover, this site allows you to stream and download any series or movie of your choice without having to pay a dime.

You can even use your computer or smartphone to watch unlimited movies. With this site, you don’t have to worry about creating an account or login in just to watch videos on this site. However, your device might get infected by ransomware, viruses and malware from using this website. It is therefore essential that you use a secure firewall or anti-virus to protect your device.

4)  Watchfree

Watchfree is another reliable alternative that is most preferred by many movie fans. It has everything from drama, comedy, to Sci-Fi. You are guaranteed to find something worth your while.  The excellent graphical user interface that is user-friendly and mobile enables you to browse through with ease. And it streams fast and offers various useful features to its users. These features provide you with a much better viewing experience.

5)  KissAsian

If you love Asian movies, series and TV shows, then this is the site for you.  It has way over 2840 Asian content from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The vast library consists of both classics and newly released movies. Content is also updated daily. And the simple excellent user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to find and select your favourite movie. However, if you don’t know any Asian language, don’t worry because this site offers English subtitles.


In conclusion, project freetv is one of the best websites out there. Instead of just relying on it, you could try some of the websites like project free tv l have listed. Who knows! You might even find an alternative that is also way better than project free tv. Enjoy your streaming.