Justdubs Alternatives Which You Can Find Online …

Anime is now the most popular genre that is loved by many people globally. But, most anime contents created using a foreign language. The most common being Japanese.  It’s no fun to watch anime in

Anime is now the most popular genre that is loved by many people globally. But, most anime contents created using a foreign language. The most common being Japanese.  It’s no fun to watch anime in Japanese or any other language you don’t understand. And, you don’t have to sit through a whole movie, wondering what is happening, when there is a fantastic website like justdubs.

Justdubs is a popular anime streaming website. As the name depicts, it flows high quality dubbed as well as subbed anime. Anime content on this site indicates if the episode is purely in Japanese or has dubbed versions and subtitles. It caters for all its anime fans world over.

Although Justdubs is an excellent anime streaming website that provides everything any passionate anime lover would want, several fantastic anime sites would make great alternatives. So in this post, I’ve compiled six best justdubs options that you can try out.

Top 6 alternatives to justdubs

1) Anime Land

Anime Land is the best place to watch and enjoy your animes. Though now known as dubbed anime, it is a great alternative. This site has a vast collection of anime movies and series. It showcases all its content in HD quality.  The most amazing part about this website is that some series are available in UHD 4k. This means you get to watch anime on high-resolution TV. You can also stream online all your anime movies if you want to. There is no need for you to install a third-party video player application.

Just like justdubs, it has an excellent user interface. The filtering options such as uploader, name and season number help filter your search results and help you find your anime with ease.

2) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is hailed as the Netflix of anime. This is because it stands as the best anime streaming site there is. I highly recommend this site for all hardcore passionate anime lovers. It is a better alternative to justdubs, only because it offers mobile applications for iOS and Android. This makes it possible for you to stream anime on your smartphone.

If you use 4K TVs to watch anime, you are in luck. This site offers anime content in UHD 4K. That means a better viewing experience. You will be spoiled for choice as it has way over 25000 high-quality anime content. However, the downside of this website is that it’s not for free. You have to pay a monthly subscription to stream anime. But it is worth it at the end of the day, considering all the fantastic features it has to offer.

3)   YouTube

YouTube is the best online streaming site on the internet. It streams all types of media. However, it’s not strictly an anime streaming site. Well, do not despair, because, on this site, you are 100% guaranteed to find your favourite anime content and even discover new anime content. It has an extensive database of dubbed and subbed anime. Moreover, almost anyone can post videos on YouTube. That means you will be able to access different anime content with no hassle at all, free of charge for that matter.

Just like Crunchyroll, it has a mobile application for both iOS and Android. With that, you can enjoy your anime on any device you want. It has a flawless user interface, one of the best there is. If you have a Google Account, you will even get recommendations of available anime content.

4) GoGo Anime

It is an Indian based anime site that was launched recently. You can find your favourite anime content on this site. It has both dubbed and subbed anime, as well as classics and the latest trending anime. Moreover, anime content is updated regularly. You will able to find any anime content you want.

The best thing that makes this website a great alternative is a fact that it is free. Moreover, you do not have to worry about creating an account or sign in to watch and enjoy anime content on this website. And the user-friendly adaptive interface makes it possible for you to stream using any device you want.

5)  Kissanime

It is a popular anime sites like justdubs. Most loved by many anime fans and absolutely the best alternative. Users have access to a vast library with a variety of different categories of anime. Fans are guaranteed to find their favourite anime movies and series. The excellent user-friendly interface enables you to browse through and find your anime with ease.

The best thing about this website is that it does not only offer anime movies and series but all things anime. It provides a range of anime related content such as music, images and books. Above all else, it provides an exceptional viewing experience. If you are a passionate anime fan, then this is a website for you.

6)  Anime Heaven

Anime heaven is a paradise for anime lovers and also another great anime sites like justdubs you can consider. It offers the perfect balance between quality and quantity. Provides a massive collection of anime content all in HD quality. The homepage has eight categories; this will help you choose your desired anime quickly.

 It is ideal for all anime fans. As it has both dubbed and subbed anime content. Moreover, you can stream or download any anime content you want free of charge. And you can do so straight from the website. There is no need for installing any third-party application to your computer.

This site is absolutely the best alternative. It has a mobile application. This means you can stream or download your anime via your smartphone anytime and anywhere as long as there is a vast network connection. However, to enjoy the most from this site, you must use an ad blocker.


In conclusion, the websites mentioned above stand as the best anime websites.  All of them have great features, and there is a 100% guarantee that there will meet your anime needs. Therefore, I hope this list will help you select the best justdubs alternative that best suits you.