Best Measure Distance Apps For Android & iOS

Distance measuring tools have significantly evolved. Some years ago, you would see the rudimentary surveyor’s wheels, which were replaced by rangefinders and theodolites. Even though the accurate distance measuring tools are still very expensive, modern

Distance measuring tools have significantly evolved. Some years ago, you would see the rudimentary surveyor’s wheels, which were replaced by rangefinders and theodolites. Even though the accurate distance measuring tools are still very expensive, modern smartphones have simplified and miniaturized the complicated engineering problem. To tackle macro measurement jobs like estimating the length of electrical or network cables running in your home or office and estimating the distance you cover when jogging in the early morning hours, you just need your phone. Unfortunately, not every measuring distance app on the internet will provide good results – most of them are useless. To help you use only the best measure distance apps, we have come up with a good list of apps to use.

Here is the list of best measuring distance app

Smart Measure

Among the highly used and acclaimed distance measurement apps on the globe is the Distance Measure app. The app uses basic trigonometry principles to estimate the height and distance of objects. To use the app, point your smartphone’s camera to the object and tap on its shutter release button. You can use it to get the approximate height and distance measurements depending on your needs. It supports 12 languages but to get accurate measurements you will have to point the camera to the base of the object. A quick example, to record the height of an individual, you will have to point at the shoes.

Smart Distance

The creator of Smart Measure also created Smart Distance. However, the developer optimized the Smart Distance app to measure distances beyond one kilometre. Even though the app employs trigonometry to record distances in the range of 50 meters, it relies on estimates to record objects that are beyond the distance. Because the app relies on estimation, you should know the height and width of the target. Choose subjects you already know their dimensions such as cars, people or the common objects built to specific code like lampposts. To use the tool, enter the width or height of your target and tap your screen. After the app aligns the target along two lines, you will receive the distance measurement.

GPS Fields Area Measure

The GPS Fields Area Measure app is available for Android and iPhone devices. The free app that allows evaluation of fields as needed. You can measure the perimeter, distance and area and then share it with your friends or colleagues. The app is precise and accurate. You can use it to get the distance between two objects, to determine property lines and to find the area of a field. The measurements are available in various units like kilometres, sq feet and acres. Moreover, you can use the app offline or online – all you need is to install it in your smartphone.

Maps Distance Calculator

The Maps Distance Calculator is the other easier to use distance measurements app. To get the measurement, you just need to put two pins on your map and use the phone to get the measurement between them. If that does not sound good, you can draw a route with the app’s pen and save the measurements. So, the Maps Distance Calculator is effective when measuring the distance on maps.

Measure Distance Map

Measure Distance Map for Android devices helps you record the distance between any two points on a map. To get the distance measurement, you just need to select two points, either close to each other or from different parts of the globe. Even more, the app will measure the elevation and area. On the results part, you will receive the measurements in various units such as kilometres, metres, yards and feet. Choose the units more convenient to you.

Distance – Find My Distance

The Distance – Find My Distance app, is among the user-friendly measuring apps designed for iPhone users. The app will help you get measurements on a map. To measure the distance, you just need to touch a section of the screen and start drawing your route. The built-in magnifier will help you get accurate measurements while the Unit button allows changing of units. To get a location, type the city name, state or country in the search engine. After you have received the measurement, you can share it through email, Twitter or other ways. Make screenshots and send to other people.


Map-o-meter is among the effective tools designed to help you draw routes on a map and record the distance. A quick example, when travelling to another part of the world or country, you can measure all the distances you cover when moving from one point to the other. And when playing golf, you will be able to measure the distances from the hole to other points. One great thing about the app is that it allows zooming and out of the map. You can save all the results for later viewing.

Auto Distance

With the Auto Distance mobile application, you can record the distance between two points easily. All you need to do is point your device’s camera to the object and the app will record the approximate distance. Remember to place the camera on a stable object to prevent the effects of a shaking hand because that can lead to recording of inaccurate information. All you need to us the Auto distance app is your mobile device.

Planimeter Lite

If you would want to measure distance in feet, then the Planimeter Lite is another good choice. The tool measures anything visible on satellite maps such as fences, lawns, roofs, roads, farms and others. Planimeter Lite measures both area and distance. You can measure paths, stars, polygons and circles. The best thing you will love about the app is that it supports measurement of many areas at once. You will get the measurements in meters, yards, inches, miles, nautical miles, foot and kilometres. After recording the measurements, you can share them with your colleagues and friends.

Marea – Map Area Calculator

Marea – Map Area Calculator is a great distance-measuring app for iPhone device. Most of the users have rated it highly because it offers accurate measurements. It helps you use set of coordinates to estimate the area of a region. So, if you want to estimate the area of a plot, farm, or roof measurement on a map, the app is a perfect choice. You will receive the measurements in various units such as SQ feet, SQ meters, hectares, acres, SQ miles and SQ kilometres.

Measure The Distance By Apps

The above are some of the leading best measure distance apps for Android & iOS on the internet. You can run them on your Android or iPhone device and get the height and distance at any time.  You do not have to carry a tape measure or ruler anymore. Smartphone apps measure distance properly.