MP3BOO Alternatives For Every Online Music Lover

Most people say that music is medicine – it does more in addition to reducing your anxiety to helping you fall asleep easily at night. Research has shown that music students perform better in school.

Most people say that music is medicine – it does more in addition to reducing your anxiety to helping you fall asleep easily at night. Research has shown that music students perform better in school. A study that involved 6-year old students who took singing or piano lessons showed that they had increasing IQ and performed better than the other children who did not take music classes.

And in gyms, studies have shown that people who listen to workout tracks are able to exercise for a longer time, especially during the tough sessions. When focusing on your favourite album, you will notice that you have run an additional mile or increased the number of reps. Music will speed up your recovery after workout sessions and reduce anxiety and stress levels in addition to reducing pain. So, mp3boo has been offering a large variety of mp3 songs to help people enjoy all the associated benefits.

MP3BOO allows people to download and stream their favourite tracks without paying for them. That means you can explore a large variety of good music from the website’s database and download those that sound good to you. The site offers many filters for customized searching. After you have found what you need, you can follow a few easy steps to complete the download. But because the website runs down for a longer time, you will need alternatives.

Here are some of the best alternatives to mp3 boo to try


ZIppyAudio is among the efficient tools that people use to search, stream and download online music. It allows you to listen to any track at any time of the day. You can search for music depending on the title, release date and the artist. You will also get new albums and songs each day. Moreover, you can access it on your Android phone, iOS or desktop without any user registration.


Jamendo is another MP3boo alternative that offers a wide variety of music to the users. After you have opened the site, you will find several plans. Choose one so that you can access various downloading tools. The free version allows download of songs in eight languages. The owners list over 500,000 tracks on the music library to allow users to get what they want faster. The many helpful qualities have made the site a popular alternative to MP3 Boo com. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and the Android operating system.


SoundCloud has been a go for option for most music lovers. Because the music source is very similar to MP3Boo, we can take it as the best alternative. People are able to download or listen to MP3 tracks on the website. It will also help you connect with the well-known artists from all parts of the world, which makes it a good platform for people who want to create their music. You will be able to connect with the audience and tell them more about your music.


Some sites provide good music but they are known to be good sources of viruses and malware that might damage your computer when downloading MP3 and music videos. That is the key reason everyone will avoid sites that direct to other websites to complete downloads. However, MP3Jam provides users with the legal content alone. It has a very large library containing more than 20 million songs. That means you will find your desired tracks from any genre and share them with your friends too.


Spotify is among the widely known music streaming websites. The site is available in over 78 countries and the users are able to browse and use the services free of charge. Currently, the site has over 200 million users who stream the audio and music videos each day. You can use any device to access the music, such as iOS, Windows and Linux. The music source provides over 40 million songs. After accessing the homepage, you can create, edit and share your playlist with friends.


If you want to listen to music without downloading, InstaMP3 is a perfect choice. The site also allows the downloading of songs without the advertisements you expect on similar websites. To use the website, you do not need any technical knowledge. That should tell you that the website is easier to use. The users are able to access music depending on their search history. It is therefore a great alternative to MP3Boo.

MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices is among the many websites that use YouTube as the main source of the content they offer. Each time you search for an artist or song, you will have the chance of downloading the tracks to your computer or streaming it directly from YouTube. MP3Juices also allows users to save the files to Google Drive, Dropbox or their Microsoft OneDrive account.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another great mp3boo alternative managed by Google. It provides you to download or listen to your favourite music tracks if you have an internet connection. The mobile application functions as a downloader and music player. Most people have been using it due to its podcast streaming feature and its large database offering over 40 million tracks. You can run it on your iOS, Android or any website browser. The audio files are available in many formats such as ALAC, FLAC, Ogg, AAC and MP3. After the 30 days free trial period, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. The Premium Subscribers can access YouTube music videos too.


7Digital is among the best websites offering MP3 music. You can use it on platforms like iOS, Android, Chrome and Blackberry at any time. Users are able to download music in various formats such as MP3, 16 bit, MP3 320, MP3 256 and M4A. You will manage to download your music of choice and enjoy many helpful features.


The Loudtronix website is among the leading MP3 Boo alternatives. The site has been using music tracks from YouTube, which means that you will find the best MP3 music and music videos that are very hard to get in other places. The owners offer an extension for Chrome browser users that facilitates better browsing. After adding the extension, there will be no need of visiting the Loudtronix website each time you want to download a track.

Enjoy the Music

The above applications and websites will help you access the trending music at any time. They are all a good alternative to MP3BOO, which offer big database of MP3 music. Some of the sites offer premium versions for people who would want to explore many helpful features. You can also opt for the available YouTube downloaders.