What Is Officeclicktorun.Exe Virus? How To Remove Or Fix It?

Maybe in one way or another you have experienced your computer performance has been less effective. Something that prompts you to get away by analyzing your computer to determine what might be the problem.  In

Maybe in one way or another you have experienced your computer performance has been less effective. Something that prompts you to get away by analyzing your computer to determine what might be the problem.  In this process, you will encounter officeclicktorun.exe which is diminishing the space of your computer hence slowing down the performance of your computer.

Getting such a file will pop up thoughts on what is officeclicktorun.exe virus? Can it be trusted or it be subjected to removal from your machine? Let us dive into the understanding of the officeclicktorun.exe on whether it is important to your machine even if it consumes a lot of space.

What is Officeclicktorun.exe Virus

Officeclicktorun.exe file is executable software for Microsoft office 365. It is quite critical to understand whether the file you have in your computer is a virus or a trojan file that you need to remove from your machine or it is a legitimate and reliable application that works incompatible with windows operating system file.

Officeclicktorun.exe plays a critical role in cutting down the installation time of Microsoft Office 365. The software is solely owned by Microsoft, and it helps in a number of installations that are obtained from the office bundle simultaneously. It takes a lot of space that may worry you and you may be thinking of its removal as the right option for the creation of more space, but you are wrong. The officeclicktorun.exe executable file performs other important services that actually enhance the effective performance of your computer that include and not limited to, streaming through the applications, online Microsoft Office, and subscription. It does an essential role of downloading any software from an online platform to your computer and gives you a chance to run the download before it is fully downloaded for storage on your computer.

In case you have a desire to use any program that is yet to be downloaded from its source, by the help of office click to run, it downloads it instantly with giving you an option of downloading it from the Google store or source. The executable file gives you an opportunity to multitask by allowing you to run a number of applications from the Office 365 bundle at the same time.

In many instances, IT experts refer to the Officeclicktorun.exe file as an installer because of its assistance in the installation of any software that you may need to use and it is available in an online store.  Your computer is also always kept updated with improved performance using the Microsoft’s office click to run the executable file.

Is Officeclicktorun.exe Safe or a Virus.

Officeclicktorun.exe can be traced in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15, in case you find it in a different location then you should be worried about what software you have that is consuming a lot of your computer space. Carry out a diagnosis analysis to determine whether what you have is a trojan, and in such a case it is not helping you improve the efficiency and performance of your computer through Microsoft Office.

For better authentication of the file always check properties that include, if the publisher is Microsoft Corporation if not then be alert, the location of the file which normally traced on C drive, program files, shared Microsoft office 15, ClientX64 and whether the URL is the official one from Microsoft and not forgetting the size which known to be 1.85MB in all windows. The file is always labeled as a trojan or a virus by many users but in reality, the original file is very reliable and a necessity for every computer user since it keeps the Microsoft office software have an efficient functionality in executing tasks and commands requested by users.

Uninstall/Remove officeclicktorun.exe

Officeclicktorun.exe is an installer of the Microsoft Office 365 bundle, hence any thoughts for its removal from your computer will lender your machine functionless at some point. It performs a vital role in keeping Microsoft Office 365 more safe and updated. In case you remove the file then the software will not run and it will affect its overall performance.

Use an anti-virus to determine the legitimacy of the file before taking action of removing it. In any case the anti-virus will raise a red flag on the file then you will be deemed to remove it or it will be automatically be removed  and you will have to get the genuine one for your machine.

It is a very important file for your machine of which without it you may not use the Microsoft Office software. If you have to uninstall it then take a subsequent action to reinstall the genuine one through reinstalling the Microsoft office bundle in order to secure a new file that is safe and user-friendly.

Removing an application connected to a major application sometimes is very difficult that is why you will need an uninstaller software to ease the task for you. That is if you really decide you don’t want to use the file anymore. Such uninstall software you can fetch them from online platforms or may through an IT expert you may have at hand. After getting the Uninstaller software, run in administration mode style in your computer and pick the officeclicktorun.exe file and click the uninstall button and your file will go.


It is quite critical to understand that any computer user with online access should be aware of the risks associated with getting different attacks on the machine from online crooks who are developing trojans and viruses to gather the information they may want to use elsewhere. It is important to always keep your software and operating software updated for safety and keeping clean the troublesome files which include the officeclicktorun.exe.

Use an anti-virus to clean your machine software and this will keep it protected and safe at all times. As we all know safety is key, but it comes with taking security as the first-hand tool to deterring unscrupulous online users.