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Gone are the days when people used to make it a priority to go out to movie theatre or relying on televisions to watch movies and series. With the availability of technology, people now stream

Gone are the days when people used to make it a priority to go out to movie theatre or relying on televisions to watch movies and series. With the availability of technology, people now stream movies, series and TV shows on various websites. And Putlocker was among those websites that make streaming of movies online possible, so, just go with it putlocker.

What is Putlockers Exactly?

Well, Putlocker was an online streaming site that was created in the United Kingdom in 2011. It streamed movies, TV shows and series from various online file hosting index websites. With extensive collection content, you were guaranteed to find something interesting to watch. Furthermore on people were watching movies and series for free. But then the site is no longer available.

What happened to putlocker?

Once Putlocker free streaming was one of the biggest popular streaming website on the internet with over thousands of users per day. Unfortunately, in 2016 the site was banned leaving so many viewers stranded. It was banned by the UK government only because it hosted and had links to copyrighted material. Putlocker is not working since it got legal issue.

As time goes, several free putlockers new site continued to reappear. They were just like the original site, but due to legal issues, those were closed as well. If you were a fan of Putlockers, don’t despair. There is several best putlockers movie free online sites and apps that excellent alternatives tor Putlocker. In this post I’ve compiled five sites like putlocker with their URL websites links;

5 Alternative Sites For Putlocker

1)   YesMovies


YesMovies is the best putlocker alternatives you should check out for some movie/TV show and entertainment. You can never feel bored using this website. It has all the genres and shows you might be looking for. The best thing about this site is that it offers a brief description of what the series or movie is all about. And this gives you the chance to decide if you want to watch that movie or to choose another one.

The content at YesMovies is categorised according to country and genre. It has a list of featured movies, top movies of the day and videos with the best IMDB ratings too. You can use this list to find some of the popular films and series. YesMovies stands out as the best for providing a fantastic viewing experience. And you can stream your videos in full-screen view mode.

2)   Amazon Prime Video []

Amazon prime video is one of the best alternatives to putlocker. Apart from high quality and rich content, its a reliable movie streaming site. You can stream movies directly on the website, or you can simply download the app to use it. The app runs on all platforms. They offer a data saver when you are downloading your movies or series. And if you download your videos on your smartphone, you can even watch them offline.

Amazon prime video is similar to Netflix. You have to pay a monthly subscription to use it. Considering all the benefits it offers, it’s worth it. With a prime membership, you can access the latest blockbuster movies and exclusive original content. Moreover, you can listen to ad-free Amazon music. The unique aspect is that when you subscribe to this site, you get some additional benefits. Like if you buy goods from Amazon store, you also receive free and fast delivery, just go with it putlocker alternative right now!.

3)  SolarMovies[]

SolarMovies is also among the putlockers movie free online alternative out there. On this site, you can access to many famous Hollywood movies and mainstream TV shows. Content is filtered using categorises like ‘what’s trending’, ‘most viewed’ and the ‘highest user-rated’. It also has the IMDB rating feature that you can use to view results. Also, the search option makes it easy to navigate through the website. And it has a clean and well-designed UL.

There is no need to create an account or to sign up when using SolarMovies. As it is one of free unblocked movie websites But, if you register, you will be able to get the most out of it. You will be able to save your streaming preference, and you can even request for movies or series you would love to stream. The downside of this website is that it keeps on changing its domain name, which may confuse you a bit. But for now, it’s currently being operated from

4)   Hulu[]

With a massive collection of exclusive original shows and Hollywood movies. This site has everything you need. You are guaranteed to have a good time movie binging on this site. It works great for both the app and the location. So depending on your preference, you can either use the website or the app to stream movies and TV shows online.

However, you have to pay a monthly subscription to stream on this site. Considering the fantastic content it provides, it is worth the money. On another note, this site is only available in the United States of America.

5)   123Movies[]

123Movies is commonly referred to as GoMovies. It is another excellent alternative to Putlocker. With a wide selection of rich content, inclusive of movies, cartoons, anime, you are guaranteed to find something great to watch. Material is sorted in alphabetical order that makes it easy for you to find something to watch.

To use this website, you don’t have to sign up or pay a monthly subscription.  Unlike other sites, 123Movies has fewer pop-up ads. However, compared to other websites, these websites do not have the best search function. This makes it a bit hard to search for your TV shows and movies.

To wrap up

Although Putlocker was considered one of the popular websites that streamed movies online and banned due to hosting copyrighted material, you mustn’t be worried about that. These best alternatives can help you get out to explore putlocker free streaming website.  You can choose the one you like among these. And I hope this list of free unblocked movie websites will aid you to make the vast choice of a website that has everything you need without restrictions. Feel free to share this post with your social media platforms.