Best Alternatives: Sites like Rabbit To Watch Movies …

Rabbit app is an application that saves video lovers the hustle of traveling to be together to watch a video. If you love videos you know the fun of watching them with your friends or

Rabbit app is an application that saves video lovers the hustle of traveling to be together to watch a video. If you love videos you know the fun of watching them with your friends or family. Some times you have to travel or they have to come over so that you can watch videos together.

Luckily, today you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to go and watch a video. All you need is to download and install a app on your phone. With this app, you watch any video with your loved ones even when they are far.

Rabbit is free and easy to use the app. But, sometimes it may not be possible to access the app. If the app is not working, or cannot install into your device, all is not lost. You still have the opportunity to view a video with your friends. There are quite a number of apps that function similar to The alternatives are what this post is about. We will give you a list of alternative apps.

List of alternative to websites

There are many reasons you might opt for websites like Rabbit. Your explorative spirit may make you not stick to website; you want to try out other apps for a different feel. Also, maybe you are bored, and you want  something new. Lastly, may not be accessible on your device. All these reasons require you to look for alternatives. In this post, we provide you with a list of some of the good Rabbit alternatives.

Rabbit alternatives sites listed here function and offer a similar experience to that of the’s website. You may not realize the difference if there is any. Most of the sites are free and easy to use. You don’t require prior skills. Equipped with knowledge of some of the best Rabbit alternative sites, you will really have good experience searching for your favorite movies and watching them with others free of charge.

The following are alternative to Rabbit app;


Sometimes you discover a video you can watch with your friends but you don’t know how to. The only tool you think you can use alternative to Rabbit. But for some reason, it’s not accessible.

The AndChill app comes in handy since it allows you to watch the new video you have discovered with your friends.


Rave app is characterized by some of the best features. One of the best notable feature is that it has virtual rooms. The rooms allow users to chat with their friends, upload and manage videos. It’s a good alternative app to

The site is easy to use even for starters & you feel one of best alternatives to Rabbit.


Blatube app is a fantastic movie app. If you have used it before you already understand why you can just use the app forever. It has some of the best features.

It’s a free app and does not require registration.

If you haven’t used the site before, you need to try it out now. 


Synaptop is a free to use the app for watching videos. You use the app to watch movies with others even when you are not physically together.

Also, the app allows users to play video games with others.


If you are looking for Rabbit alternatives, Metastream is one of the leading apps you can use. The app allows watching videos together with your friends when they are far.

Do  you have a movie series you are following? You can use this app to continue following the series even when others are far away.


When your friends or family members are far away, you can still have a shared fun moment by viewing a good video together. Gaze app makes this possible.

Gaze is a Rabbit alternative app that allows its users to watch movies and video shows together. When you travel or move towns it’s difficult to enjoy shared fun activities. Travelling to be with your friends becomes difficult. It’s not only time consuming, but it’s expensive too. But, comes in handy since  it allows you to watch movies and other videos from anywhere together.


CyTube is a nice alternative. It’s ranked as one of the best video apps you use to watch movies, and TV shows with others. If you are looking for streaming services like a rabbit you should try out this website.

The site is free and allows you to watch movies with friends even when you are not sitted together in one room.


Simulchat is an amazing app alternative with its headquarters based in Africa- South Africa.

The app allows users to share high-quality content with their friends. It’s a reliable app you need to try. If you want to watch videos on YouTube, together with others, simply share the videos in the Synced platform, and watch them together.


This is one of the best Rabbit site’s alternative tool. Those who have used it before always recommend it to new users.

The app allows you to watch and create a video playlist. Also, you can share your media profiles with others.


Mycircle.TV is a free site and has wonderful features that make it popular. The app does not require you to register to start using it.

It has virtual rooms where the users can share and manage their videos. The virtual rooms allow you to share videos with only the viewers you specify. The chats are not accessible by anyone else, but only those whom you have mentioned participating in the chats.

You can try all of the above streaming alternatives, and establish which one gives you the best experience. Also, you may not be interested in trying a different app for now. But, the awareness of the existence of Rabbit alternatives is paramount. Make sure to try the apps in the future. Knowledge is never a waste.