Unlocking Password Protected PDF With PDFBear

For your PDF files’ security, users tend to put up passwords for them not to be stolen or leaked. When your PDF files are password-protected, it will prevent unauthorized users from opening your PDFs, editing

For your PDF files’ security, users tend to put up passwords for them not to be stolen or leaked. When your PDF files are password-protected, it will prevent unauthorized users from opening your PDFs, editing them, or even printing them without your knowledge. 

Putting up passwords for your PDF files might be a security for you, but there will be times where you need to remove your password. That is why there are tools available online to unlock password-protected PDFs, just like PDFBear.

How can you remove your password from your PDF file?

It can be very infrequent for users to remove the passwords from the PDF files, but there are times where you don’t have access to the right password for a particular PDF file. That is why unlock password protected PDF is available online. 

This method is by far the best method available for users to remove passwords from PDF files. It will not just remove the password from the PDF file, but it can also remove all of the PDF restrictions, for instance, editing, printing, and even copying limitations. Here are the steps you can do to remove the password from any PDF file.

First, search for PDFBear on your browser. Second, click the tool button and find the Unlock PDF button. They will immediately bring you to the next page on this page. You can upload the password-protected PDF file or drag and drop it in the box provided on the website.

Next, you have to enter the password provided, Then click on the UNLOCK PDF button. You wouldn’t have to wait for hours for them to decrypt your file. The magic will happen in no time. After they interpret your file, you can directly download your PDF or share it via email or even save it now to your cloud or google drive.

Removing your passwords from your PDF file will make it a lot easier for you, especially when you open your file. Having a password-free PDF will consume less of your time, and you can directly access it. You don’t always have to remember any passwords.

Why choose PDFBear for unlocking password-protected PDF file

There might be tons of available websites for you that can help you with unlocking a password from your protected PDF file. However, choosing the right website to help you open your PDF file is much more critical, especially when you worry about your security.

That is why PDFBear is available online for free. However, they offer PRO membership still you don’t have to worry about paying anything before using their tools because they are for free, but for PRO members, there are much more benefits available.

If you are interested in getting the PRO membership, it will not cost you a lot since it’s only $5.99 a month. They have made it more affordable so that interested clients can easily purchase it. You can even save more if you buy the yearly membership.

If you worry too much about your security PDFBear assures everyone who uses their tools that all of their files are safe and secure and nothing can be leaked. Even if you are just a free user, your files are still going to be safe. They won’t care about payments as long as you trust them with your files; they will surely value every bit of it.

PDFBear has made it accessible for everyone to use

Are you worried about being an expert to use the tools? Worry no more since PDFBear made their tools accessible for everyone. You don’t need to be an expert. Even kids can easily use their tools. Steps are provided for every means available. It is straightforward to understand every bit of it.

PDFBear will also assure you that they will not take up too much of your time; you have to wait for your files to be available for a few seconds. Even if you are in a rush, it will only take seconds of your time.

With PDFBear, you wouldn’t need to download any third-party tools to use the right tools for you because it’s already available online. You also don’t have to worry about not having any computers or laptops because they are known to almost any device. All you need is the internet.


It is hard to remember your passwords, especially when you are so forgetful. Removing passwords from your PDF files is your only option for this dilemma so that I wouldn’t have any serious problems soon. PDFBear is one search away for your solutions.