Best Websites Like Textsheet Still Working Right Now!

Student often relay on online materials to do their homework and school assignments. If you are a high school or a college student you must have heard of online study resources like textsheet. Textsheet was

Student often relay on online materials to do their homework and school assignments. If you are a high school or a college student you must have heard of online study resources like textsheet. Textsheet was a platform that was being used by students for homework and other school assignments. The platform was helpful and popular in offering Chegg solutions.

Textsheet provided answers obtained from other sites that were legit. For instances, by use of Chegg API, textsheet obtained homework answers from Chegg platform. This is copyright infringement, and within a short operating period, the site was brought down.

Apart from Textsheet, there are many other educational sites. Most of the educational sites are paid. Only textsheet was popularly known to offer free services to its users. The site being free gained popularity across the world with many students used it for their homework.

Many users had no idea of how the platform was operating. Chegg site raised a suit against textsheet which was taken up by copyright regulation bodies. Within a short while, the site was shut down and it’s not coming back to operation.

When the site shut down, the students were left with no option other than look for websites like textsheet. Alternatively, they were to use the paid sites which were beyond their buying power. Most of the students relay on little pocket money given by their guardians. They are supposed to keep their expenses at minimum. Paying for homework is one of those unnecessary expenses they avoid where possible.

Best Websites Like textsheet

The information on this post is crucial since you will get textsheet alternatives educational sites. The sites are free, hence they come in handy for every student who wants help in doing school assignments and homework.

Here are some of the best textsheet alternatives;


Study lib is a great education site that covers diverse topics and study subjects. The platform offer both answers and explanation as textsheet, hence it’s a suitable alternative website.

Students don’t visit this site for questions only it’s a great study site too. Even without a specific question, you can visit the site to study various questions in a particular topic. Also, if you have a lot of knowledge in a specific topic you can contribute to the site and help other students in their assignments.


COURSE Hero is one of the best educational online platforms for students. The platform offers study materials for all courses. There are millions of courses on this platform. If you are a student, and you have school related question, you can type it on the search bar, and get answers.

Students visit and use the site for free. As a student, don’t struggle alone to look for answers for your homework. Course hero platform is your education partner and it’s here to help you handle all your questions correctly and with much ease.


This is a great websites like textsheet. It has been operational for many years. It was founded by students in Harvard. It’s quite helpful especially in helping student in literature and  history. The site offers simplified study guides which help students understand complex concepts they had been taught in class.

Today, the site has diversified  to offer study materials in other subjects. Other subjects include; sciences, economics, health, etc. SparkNotes is a free site, hence is suitable for students. Notably, it displays ads banners. The revenues obtained from the ads are used to run and maintain the platform.


This study site has many features than you will not find in other sites. It’s a paid textsheet alternatives site, but the cost for the study materials is quite subsidized. The site does not only offer study material, but customer support 24/7. If you are looking for books or you would like to take an online course, then this is the site you should consider.

When you want to learn how to solve a mathematics problem, Chegg should be the site of choice. It offers detailed and easy-to-follow maths solving methods. Visit this site you if haven’t, and see what is there for you.


Slander is also a top on the list  textsheet alternative site. This site is similar to textsheet in both functionality and UI. The platform offers both answers and explanations.

Importantly, the site has free option and paid version. As a student, you would be interested in the free version as long as it will offer you the answers you want. The only drawback with the free option is the adverts that pop up, and interfere with your concentration. But, the free version equally good as the paid version.

Paper help

Paper help is research paper site. When you are handling a research paper this is the go-to site. It has no limit to the level of study you are in. The site is helpful for any student writing a research paper. It’s suitable for students in high school, in college, or PhD students.

It offers help for research papers in various topics. The site upholds privacy for its clients which is Paramount.


Crazy for study is a cool site for both high school and college students. The site has millions of solutions to questions on different subject. It’s a free site every student should visit. There is no limit to what you can get on this site. Once you are done with the homework, you can stick around this platform to explore more on a topic of your choice.

The site’s database is well-equipped with important information on diverse education topics. All the information is free, so visit the site and get the help you need. You don’t have to visit other sites to study.


Above is a list of free textsheet alternatives. The sites are free hence they come in handy for students who operate under a tight budget.

If you have found any other websites like textsheet or helpful information , don’t hesitate to share it with others. In case you have a question, type it in the comment section, and we will be glad to respond.