Torrent King Reviews: Alternatives & Similar Sites for Fast & Safe Torrenting

TorrentKing is one of the great torrenting sites, but its long term online presence is not guaranteed. The website has a huge database with a variety of TV shows and videos available for streaming. It’s

TorrentKing is one of the great torrenting sites, but its long term online presence is not guaranteed. The website has a huge database with a variety of TV shows and videos available for streaming. It’s one of the largest torrenting sites. Other major torrent search engines in the pirate bay and KickassTorrent.

 TorrentKing library is updated daily and has thousands of movies and TV shows. The torrent files can be watched online free of charge or you can download the files to watch later.

Torrenting and downloading of content online are characterized by difficulties. Torrent files are considered to be piracy, hence most of the torrent sites are taken down often. The major challenge of torrenting is the sites being brought down often. It’s common to come across a great torrenting site today, and it’s not working the next day.

TorrentKing Alternatives

TorrentKing review proves the website is good for movies. However, it has been shut down. In this post, we give you some of the TorrentKing alternatives. In case you can’t access the TorrentKing  website, try out any of the torrent sites below. is a simple site, yet very useful when you want movies, documentaries, softwares, TV shows, etc. It has an expansive database, and it’s a go-to site for TV series and movies.

It offers its content for free since it’s sustained using the income from ads. It’s a great alternative when TorrentKing and other major search engines are not working. For the best experience, ensure you only click on content with many seeders. They are fast to download, and won’t disappoint.

Importantly, the site lists torrent alternative sites, and proxies. In case you face any challenge, you can try the listed alternative websites.

Pirate Bay

This is one of the most famous torrent sites. If you are not new to torrenting, then you must be knowing Pirate Bay. The site offers a huge collection of movies, softwares, videogames, documentaries, etc.

The site is updated often, making it a got to site for the newest content.

The pirate bay site faces a lot of lawsuits and has been shut down severally, but it has always been coming back stronger.

The site contains only a few ads compared to most of the other sites.

Although does not deal with the YIFI group, it offers YIFI movies. The movie content is categorized into various genres; horror, fantasy, drama, etc. Its library has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. The videos are available in a wide range of quality one can choose from.

As with most of the torrent sites, it has lots of ads which you have to bear with.

Notably, the movies here have a brief which you read before you decide to go ahead to download it, or to choose another one. Also, the movies have a score attached, and you can easily identify a good movie before you download it.

If you want to grade movies, you have to register first.


This site provides a wide range of content; movies, documentaries, TV shows, music, etc. It’s one of the oldest torrent sites. It’s an amazing site for videos downloads. It comes in handy when other sites like TorrentKing are not accessible.

The site is quite popular with many users visiting the site every day. The website has a blog where you will always find news about the content it offers.

On the downside, the site does not update daily. This means you may find only old movies. Also, the sites are taken down often, hence you may not find it online most of the time.

The site has a lot of ads pop-ups which may be annoying to most users. However, since the content is offered for free, you can put up with the ads to access what you want.


LimeTorrents is a great site where you sign up if you want to contribute to the site. However, signing up is not a requirement if you only want to use the site for downloads.

It’s a simple site that offers popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. It’s easy to search and access the specific content you want by searching using alphabets. However, to do this successfully you must know the movie titles off-head.

Importantly, this site does not promote adult content. If you visit the site for this kind of content, you have to look elsewhere.

The site is free to use, since it’s supported by ads. The LimeTorrents website team advice its users not to click on the ads since most of them are from malicious people.

Streaming or downloading content from these sites is illegal and banned in most countries. In some regions, piracy websites are completely banned. You can’t access these TorrentKing alternative sites in the US and European countries since torrent search engines are completely prohibited.