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Tube+ is a free movie website. The site is closed now, but all is not lost since there are many alternative free movie sites. The alternative sites offer similar experiences to Tube plus watch TV

Tube+ is a free movie website. The site is closed now, but all is not lost since there are many alternative free movie sites. The alternative sites offer similar experiences to Tube plus watch TV shows online. Tube+ offers a huge collection of movies. It is easy to use the site. It offers different video quality options to choose from.

List of Tube+ Watch TV Shows for Free Alternatives

In this post, we will give you a list of Tube+ watches TV alternatives. These are sites like Tubeplus Watch TV;


This website is a one-stop platform for all kinds of entertainment resources. Here you come across song tracks, TV shows, and movies. Also, there is a user forum where you can get reviews and news about trending and new movies. It’s free to use the website. You don’t need to subscribe to start using the site. Everything is provided for free.

Primewire is an easy to use website where you navigate easily even when it’s your first time. Once you open movies you get a list of all the  movies to pick on the one you would like to stream. You find the link you should click to start watching.

The content here is in HD quality. Also, content is updated daily, and you will always get the latest in the world of entertainment.

The site gives you an option to open an account. However, this is not compulsory. You can decide to open or not. Even without an account, you still enjoy unlimited movies.

Movie Box

Movie Box is an Android app. It makes it possible for Android users to enjoy movies too on their devices.

All the movies on this app are available in HD quality. If you are a movie fan you can enjoy all kinds of videos on this platform. It’s a suitable Tube+ alternative especially if you are using a smartphone.

To start using the app you need to download and install it in your device.

With the app installed on your phone, you can even watch the latest movies since  the database is updated daily.


Solarmivie is a free movie site where movie fans can access hundreds of free movies. The site is user-friendly hence you don’t require prior skills to start using it. The site has a collection of your favorite TV shows which you can stream live anytime.

The movies are characterized into various genres which makes the search for a specific category of movie very easy and fast. If you are looking for a particular genre you only need to go to the main menu. On the list, you select the genre you want. If you know the specific movie title select it.

Importantly, on this website, you can search and access movies based on countries.


To watch your favorite TV series, search it on Viooz website. The site is famous for both movies and TV shows. The movies are genuine hence you don’t get the annoying fake movie links like it’s the case with other sites.

The site provides its users with two options; to stream the videos online, or to download the videos to watch later offline. Whether you are streaming or downloading a movie, you are guaranteed of good speed free of buffering.

The movies are available in major languages in the world such as English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

The movie’s database is updated daily, and you will always find the newest movies and TV series. Also, all the content here is available for free.

If you are using this movie site for the first time, you realize that it’s easy to use the site.


This is a wonderful site and an alternative movie site to TUBE+. One main important feature with PelisPLUS is the support of Chromecast. You can use this feature to cast your video on a bigger screen. It comes in handy when you want to watch a movie as a group. Also, during the casting the picture the sound quality is enhanced for clarity.

Another unique feature with this site is that you can read the movie summary before you decide to stream or download it.

PeliPLUS is a free movie site where you access unlimited videos. If you are looking for a Tube+ alternative then this is it.


Movie 25 is a good Tube+ watch movie website, where you are guaranteed of getting quality movies to watch anytime. If you have tried other sites and came across fake movies download links, you need to try this one and you won’t be disappointed.

Important to note, movie25 does not post their own movies. All the videos you find on their website are from other sources.

When you visit this movie site, you come across hundreds of movies from different genres. Essentially, the site is easy to navigate through and locate what you are looking for fast.

You can use filters to search for any video you are looking for. For instance; top trending movies, latest movies, etc.

Also, the site guarantees its users of security. You don’t have to worry about viruses or malware when you visit this site. Actually, millions of people across the world prefer this movie site, over others.


This is a great free movie site where you can go to to view all kinds of TV show seasons and series. Apart from TV shows, the site is popular for holding a vast database of movies.

The site allows you to stream videos, or you can download and save them to watch later. Also, you can share videos that you find interesting with your friends to view too.  On this site you always get the latest content since the site is updated daily. If you like being among the first people to have watched the new movie release then you should make this site your favorite.

When using this site you should be keen to open the original site. There are many mirror sites that can harm your device. Always be on the lookout to know the original movie25 site. Otherwise, the site is quite secure and safe to use.

Above are some of the best tube+ watch tv shows for free alternatives. Streaming free movies online on any of these listed sites is considered piracy. Therefore, most of these sites operate against the copyright regulatory entities. They may be shut down anytime. In case you find one site not operational you can try the others.

Also, this information is updated often. You can visit this site often to find out about the new free movie sites, or the ones still existing. Mostly, these sites always come back, even after they are shut down.

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