How to Remove Amazon Assistant Virus From [Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge]

Amazon Assistant is an extension developed by Amazon. The extension poses cyber threat to the users since it’s capable of tracking one’s browsing activities. Also, it displays many ads pop ups which is annoying to

Amazon Assistant is an extension developed by Amazon. The extension poses cyber threat to the users since it’s capable of tracking one’s browsing activities. Also, it displays many ads pop ups which is annoying to users. It’s not a Virus, but it exposes users to possible dangers.

Essentially, this extension is legit and it’s installed in a browser to display attractive shopping deals from Amazon. If you are interested in the offers and sales deals on Amazon, this is a must-have extension. You can download and install it by visiting amazon website. Alternatively, download the extension from Google app store.

Is Amazon Assistant Extension Necessary

Everything this extension does can be found on the Amazon’s main website.

Notably, the extension does not pose any threat to the Operating System. Unfortunately, sometimes, the program is bundled with malicious programs. Also, sometimes it pushes unnecessary sales promotions and ads.

Amazon assistant is categorized as one of Potentially Unwanted Program with little or no effect on Windows. The only noticeable changes are in the search engine homepage. The PUP is distributed in various ways; as bundled software or as Firefox add-on store.

If you don’t want to use or experience the inconvenience that comes with this extension, you can do advanced configuration to regulate downloads.

But, you may the extension necessary. It’s not difficult to install the application since it’s compatible with different browsers and OS. Once the program is installed, there are noticeable changes that include;

  • Unprompted opening of new browsing Windows.
  • Ads pop ups
  • Amazon shopping offers displayed.

Is Amazon Assistant a Virus

Many users have complained about its functionality. The extension users have complained about their online activities being tracked. The extension collects none personal data like IP address, sites visited, clicked links, etc. The data is used to provide targeted ads, and deals. The collected information by this extension is used for advertising, where the users are offered the relevant sales promotions based on their search history.

 The extension is not a virus, but some experts claim it is, and it’s related to Amazon virus. It causes user privacy related issues and browsing problems.

How Is Amazon Assistant Harmful

Technically, Amazon assistant is not a virus. However, many users term it as a virus given the effects it has on the browser. The unsatisfied users look for guides on how to delete amazon assistant. From expert’s view point, Amazon assistant is a Potentially Unwanted Program. It’s not harmful to your computer in any way, but it can redirect you to virus invested pages that will be a real threat.

Mostly, Amazon assistant installs into your device without you prompting and that’s suspicious. Then, it hijacks your browser and redirects your browsing to affiliate pages. Redirecting you into other pages is not only annoying, but it’s harmful. The application may not harm your system per say, but it increases the chances of opening infected links.

Also, sometimes the ads pop ups from third parties could be bundled with dangerous programs. When the users unknowingly click on the ads, there are chances of installing harmful malware’s which spy on them and in worst cases corrupt your system.

How to Remove Amazon Assistant

How to uninstall Amazon assistant?This is a common question asked by users who notice the extension is loading every time they open the browser.

Many users have had problems with Amazon assistant and have tried to remove it unsuccessfully. They would remove it from the browser, but always come back after rebooting. If you have unsuccessfully uninstalled Amazon assistant, then you need to keep reading this post to know how to get rid of Amazon assistant.

Amazon assistant can be removed successfully using an anti-malware software or manually. Uninstalling it using an antimalware is fast and quite reliable. Once your browser is free of the extension, you will realize there are no more annoying ads and promotional offers pop ups.

Choose the preferred anti malware tool you would like to use , and ensure you update it to the full version. There are two common ant-malware softwares namely; Reimage and Malwarebytes. Any of the tools is automatic, and takes only a few seconds to completely remove Amazon assistant add-on from your system. Remove everything related to the extension using the malware removal software. To complete the process, and ensure there are not traces of the add-on, you need to refresh your browsers.

Essentially, if you opt for manual removal method, follow the method of removal as you do with any other installed program. Here are the steps of how to remove Amazon assistant manually;

  • Open control panel.
  • Search and go through the list of the recently installed applications.
  • Remove all the programs that seem suspicious including Amazon assistant.
  • Complete the process by resetting the browser. This will ensure you remove any files related to the eliminated application.

How to Prevent Amazon Assistant from Instilling

Amazon assistant program and most of other programs of this nature are installed into the computer without one’s knowledge. The users click on them accidentally, and they get installed.

Without putting the right measures in place, chances are high that even after uninstalling Amazon assistant application, it will get reinstalled. You need to protect your device from installation of these programs. You do this by clicking on Custom settings.

How to Reinstall Amazon Assistant

At times you  come across irresistible offer, and you want to reinstall Amazon assistant. To install the program, you need to first change the settings. Go to settings and untick Custom settings.


Amazon assistant does not pose any direct threat to your computer. Therefore, instead of flashing it out using a software, you can opt to remove it manually. If you still have no idea how to go about it, you can read the program removal instructions as written by the experts.

When you want to reinstall an add-on in the future, first look for its reviews on user forums, if the add-on is good, and has positive user reviews, you go ahead and allow for the installation.