Do You Want To Test The Speed Of Your 2.0 And 3.0 Ports USB Flash Drives?

You must have noted that device manufacturers quote different variations of reading and write speeds of their flash drives. The speeds may be different even while using similar devices from a common manufacturer. The variation

You must have noted that device manufacturers quote different variations of reading and write speeds of their flash drives. The speeds may be different even while using similar devices from a common manufacturer. The variation may not be apparent until you have used the flash drives for a while.

The process of testing a flash drive speed is called benchmarking and the software used is called a benchmarking software.

Have you been wondering what software to use to undertake a benchmark?

Stay hooked for there are several of them online.

Before using any of the USB speed testing tools we will list below, you should first note the following. Particular read and write speeds for USB flash drives are achieved on specific manufacturer conditions that arise while building the devices. Additionally, these speeds can be influenced by the configuration of your computer, the port to which they are connected (USB 2.0/3.0) and the size of the intermediary file that you want to share.

USB Flash Benchmark

USB flash benchmark is the top-rated benchmark software in our list. The speed testing tool is widely used due to its intuitive but informative nature. In fact, USB flash benchmark utilizes a total of 15 tests to test your USB drive performance under varying conditions. The files tested maybe in chunks of 1 KB to 16 MB. Additionally, the software is portable, effective, thorough and lightweight. After getting your USB test results, the software gives you the ability to upload the results and even share them with a link. The results you get include your read and write results.  What else would you fall in love with in the USB flash benchmark apart from the fact that it is free?

Check Flash

Discover the most advanced benchmark software that delivers more drive testing options and functionality. You will definitely love the three testing modes that add to your testing flexibility. The modes include logical drive, temp drive and physical drive. Furthermore, you will find different types of testing like full pattern set, write pattern set, small pattern set and verify pattern set. Check flash also avails four different testing lengths that focus on pushing the drive to its full limits. These length types include, a manual number of passes, a full pass, burn it and until error found length. Unfortunately, the software takes more time to achieve your desired results, approximately 20-30 minutes.

Crystal Disk Mark

Crystal Disk Mark bring to you flexibility, design compatibility and robust portability. With this USB speed testing software, you can design your own test to achieve a specific set of results. The flexibility options include the ability to choose your desired file size, number of times you want the test to run if your desired copying type is sequential or in random blocks of three varying types. You may choose to download the Crystal Disk Mark from two types, a portable version or an installable version.

Crystal Disk Mark’s notable features include random data and Zero fill, ability to choose between 50 MB and 32 GB file size for each test, four test types, 1-9 passes per test and implementation of the open source Microsoft DisksPD. The benchmark software was created with SDDs, regular HDDs and USB flash drives in mind. A downside, its that the benchmark software is less informative than others in our list. 

HD Tune

HD Tune is more of a diagnostic tool rather than a USB speed testing software. The software is used to scan for errors in your drive and determine the health of your USB flash drive. Notable features include four tabs labelled, benchmark, health, info and error scan. To test the speed of your device you have to click the benchmark tab. Unfortunately, HD tune provides one number that is hardly written speed nor write speed. The software was created as a testing utility for HDD and SSD. HD tune can measure performance, double check health status through SMART technology and erase all user data. Note that HD Tune is the free version from HD Tune pro which costs a $35 subscription.


USBDeview is a free benchmark software from Nirsoft. The speed testing tool is suitable for thorough for running speeds on either a port 2.0 or port 3.0.It, therefore, allows you to compare results for a drive when connected to either of the two ports. Other notable features included in the speed tool include the ability to list all connected USB devices, listing all USB devices connected in the past, offer information about the manufacturer of the device, run thorough speed tests and finally enable/disable USB devices. In fact, the manufacturer of USBDeview is a leading creator of over a hundred portable freeware software utilities.

USB speed Test in A Short

Test the write and read speed of your USB drives today and figure out whether it is achieving its full capability. The above flash drive speed checkers are top rated in the market but it does not mean they are the only ones. We only made a pick of five USB checkers that we thought were cool. If you are looking for a reliable USB port speed tester, we recommend that you pick any of those listed. In case you uncovered a great speed checker, do not forget to leave a comment.