Viooz Alternatives | Similar Sites Like Viooz To Watch Full HD Movies Online Free

Are you a movies fan? Do you like streaming and downloading movies on Viooz platform? Have you faced difficult opening Viooz site? Would you like to know to what happened to Viooz website? Read on

Are you a movies fan? Do you like streaming and downloading movies on Viooz platform? Have you faced difficult opening Viooz site? Would you like to know to what happened to Viooz website? Read on for answers to any of the questions you might have about Viooz movies platform.

The information in this post is for all movie fans, and those with developing interest in streaming online movies on different platforms. If you have been viewing online movies for some time, then you know a number of free movie streaming sites. Also, you have used or heard of Viooz movie website. Viooz platform is one of the leading free movie sites. There are many other movies websites, and you will get information about some of those sites here.

Viooz Overview

Viooz is leading free online movie streaming sites and it’s characterized with huge collection of movies and TV shows. All the videos are available in HD quality, and they are available for live streaming or downloading. The movies available are of various categories, for instance, horror, adventure, comics, etc.

Importantly, the movie collection is updated often, hence you will always find list of the latest movies and TV shows.

For fast and easy navigation, the website has a search bar where you enter the title or the category of the movie you are looking for.

You don’t need to sign up to start using it. When you open the site, you can start using it immediately.

The movie collection on Viooz does not comprise of English movies only, but other dialects too. The site has purely movies and TV shows. If you want a break from TV channel kind of viewing arrangement, then you know where you can stream movies online.

When you don’t have time to watch a movie at a particular time, you can still access it later. Download it, watch or share it when you have time.

Importantly, there is a common trend with free movie sites. The sites are shutdown often or at times they are inaccessible. The site developers are aware of this common challenge, and they work round the clock to ensure their fans always have an alternative.

Viooz Alternatives Similar sites

Despite the convenience and popularity of viooz, you may be interested in exploring other movie with similar or better features.

Also, Viooz, as it is with many other movie sites, is characterized with low speed at times. Here is a list of the best Viooz alternativewebsites you need to try out;


Afda is an equally suitable viooz alternative site. The site has hundreds of movies and TV shows, and they are categorized for faster retrieval. The movies listed here are of HD quality. If you are free for a few hours, and you are a fan of online movies, you can check out this site.


This site hosts some of the top trending latest movies. If you have great interest in being among the first to watch the latest movie releases, then this should be your first site of choice. The movies are available in different categories, hence you can keep checking if there is a new movie released in your favorite movie genre.

You don’t to sign up first to start streaming movies. The site is so easy to use so you don’t require prior skills.


Movie4k is a free movie site, and a nice Viooz alternative. The movie database is expansive and the movies are arranged in alphabetical order. This makes it easy to filter and search for movies you are interested in as long as you know the movie title.


PandaMovies is a popular free movie site, and it’s accessible from across the world. To start using this site, you need to sign up first.

Notably, PandaMovie is a home of high quality movies, and all the videos are available for streaming free of charge. The movie collection is expansive, hence you cannot have a dull moment since you have access to unlimited movie collection on this site.


This is a movie site with hundreds of movies in its database. The movies are available for streaming free of charge.

The site is updated often with the latest movies and shows displayed on the homepage.

Movie 25

This site has little or no difference with a number of other movie sites. If your favorite Viooz movie site is down, you can choose Movie25 as a suitable alternative.

The site is updated often with the latest movies and TV shows. The movies videos are of HD quality, and are all available for free. For easy navigation, the movies are listed in categories. Importantly, the site does not have ads pop ups, hence it allows its users to enjoy uninterrupted movie watching time.


123Movies is one of the best free movie websites, and an alternative site to Viooz. The movies available on this platform, are of high video and audio quality. The movies are available for free too.

If you already know the movie title you want, you only need to enter the title in the search option, and you will find it within seconds. It’s a popular site you need to check for both classic movies, and the latest movie releases.


This is a wonderful free movies site you need to try out and compare with Viooz. The site has a vast database of TV series and movies. The site is simple and free to use.

Since it’s a free to use site, you will experience disruptions from ads pop ups. However, if you don’t mind the ads interruptions, you can go ahead and try it out.


Above is a list of the best alternatives of Viooz genres site. You can visit one site at a time, and compare the experiences. All the sites offer high quality movies, and they are free to use. If you love exploring, then don’t be stick on one movie platform. Visit and explore all of them.